Review: Christmas in a Small Town
Harlequin Superromance

December 2017
Catagory Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
This is my first Kristina Knight novel, and it was enjoyable. Camden Harris, former beauty pageant queen and consultant, is headed to Slippery Rock, Missouri from Kansas City, Missouri when the story opens. Now, that is not too intriguing, but if you add the fact that the heroine is attired in a wedding dress that should have been seen by family and friends as she walked down the aisle instead of walking across the stained parking lot of a service station in the Ozarks, then you have a compelling beginning to a story.

The heroine, Camden flees her wedding for a very good reason that I will not reveal. However, I will say that it had to do with what Camden calls, “Pen the Penis on the Bridesmaid”, and I’ll leave that right there. While Camden is becoming reacquainted with the small town of Slippery Rock where she spent memorable times with her grandparents, she is also becoming reacquainted with her childhood friend, Levi Walters, former professional football player. Camden and Levi have history, so it makes sense that she would turn to him to help her out when her ex-fiancé shows up in Slippery Rock to get her back. One of my favorite tropes in Romance literature occurs when the hero and heroine pretend to be in a relationship because one of them is being harassed by an unwanted suitor or in this case an ex-fiancé. If you are familiar with this trope, then I don’t have to tell you the outcome. It inevitably leads to some pretty steamy and sensuous scenes between Camden and Levi.

One of the engaging features of the story the author utilizes is Camden’s decision to train stock dogs like her Grandfather did when she was growing up. It’s certainly not a well-known occupation, but it fits the rural setting perfectly. There is also a subplot that revolves around the fate of the town’s progress. The secondary characters are classic small-town denizens who help to advance the storyline.

CHRISTMAS IN A SMALL TOWN is part of a series of Slippery Rock stories. I enjoyed this one, so I am tempted to check out the other stories. This story can be categorized as an Interracial Romance (IR- BM/WW). It’s a good story, and I recommend it.

4th January 2018 |