Review: Beyond Forever
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September 2017
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: Book 2 of the Once Upon A Bridesmaid series focuses on Bridesmaid Ryleigh Fields who is not about this wedding business at all. It is hard enough returning to her hometown of Rosewood Heights, South Carolina, but she also has to be on her best behavior because her best friend Ava Prescott is getting married. As far as Ryleigh is concerned, she would do anything to see that Ava’s wedding day is a total success in spite of Ryleigh’s consternation about being back home, the pact that she and her girls (the other three bridesmaids)make and Martin Sullivan.

Speaking of Martin Sullivan, he and Ryleigh have history, and you can read all about it when you read the story. When he runs into Ryleigh at the wedding, it’s on and popping. What a couple! Sensual, steamy, H-O-T all of that. Ryleigh comes from a very rocky childhood, and you will find yourself rooting for her to shed that childhood stigma and strut her bad self into a great future with Martin by her side. Martin’s character is strong, relentless and passionate and pro-Ryleigh all the way. So, with “the pact” that the girls (Mac, Ry-girl, Quinn and Raven) make, it looks like wedding bells just might be ringing again.

The secondary characters are so important to this story. They help to move the storyline, and support both the hero and heroine. Special mention goes to  Mama Lil, who encouraged and nurtured Ryleigh, and became her surrogate mother during her critical teen years when Ryleigh’s parents were M.I.A. There is also Ryleigh’s besties, and Martin’s partner, Carter. They are unforgettable characters and relatable.

BEYOND FOREVER is a novella, but it reads like a full-blown novel. The characters are well developed and there are no short cuts in the progress of the storyline. Kudos to author, Elle Wright. I loved the HEA! No spoilers!

I recommend
BEYOND FOREVER, as well as the other books in this series. I also recommend that you read them in order because the continuity is priceless.

18th October 2017 |