Between A Honeymoon and A Hot Mess
TEMPO OF LOVE - Kianna Alexander
Harlequin Kimani Romance
June 2017
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: BETWEEN A HONEYMOON AND A HOT MESS picks up right where BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HOT MESS ends. Las Vegas is the setting for the nuptials of Riley Sinclair and Hudson Parker, protagonists of Book 1. Sugar Plum Watson, an honorary Sinclair sister, is there, along with Riley’s sister, Hope. This is Hope’s story, and she’s trying to keep it together as she helps her sister prepare for her wedding.

Hope is the “prim and proper” sister, Riley’s polar opposite. In spite of the joyous occasion, Hope is smiling on the outside, but about to fall apart on the inside. What has happened to the usually unflappable Hope who just a few days prior to this trip had been meticulously planning her own wedding to her fiancé, Rob? Well, something happened just before Hope left Nashville for Vegas, and it involved Rob and his boss’s wife. I’m stopping right there! Just know that the only thing that Hope is making plans to do now is to make calls to cancel her wedding plans. After her sister’s nuptials, Hope is seated at a bar glued to the TV listening to an interview of who else, Hope’s favorite actress, TV star Nova Night (government name, Elsie Lou Crawford) who plays Delilah Cole on the popular show Hot Mess, a “far-fetched government espionage” story. As she intently watches the interview while sipping on drinks way past her limit, Hope experiences an epiphany that will change her life. In addition to this, Hope is reunited with her college sweetheart, Julian, who broke her heart. It is on and popping! I hate divulging spoilers, so I must leave this right here. However, I will say that this story gets better and better with each chapter. It’s going to be a wild ride for Julian and Hope as they work out some issues from their past. Julian is out to win Hope’s trust and love to secure an HEA. His experience as a life coach will come in handy as he pursues Hope’s trust. It’s going to be a “hot mess”, however, so get ready for a fun, hilarious and sexy story.

There are three notable features that stand out in this story. One, author Phyllis Bourne successfully incorporates romance and comedy. Second, the TV show, Hot Mess, and the star of the show, Nova Night (aka Elsie Lou Crawford, aka Delilah Cole) are integrated so solidly into the storyline. Third, I like how as a subplot, Julian uses his expertise and guides Hope to become her own woman and to go for her true vocation. All of these elements come together to produce an impressive read.

BETWEEN A HONEYMOON AND A HOT MESS is an enjoyable read, and I recommend it. Make sure you read BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HOT MESS first because the books are closely connected. Enjoy!

19th June 2017 |