Review: Believe In Me
BELIEVE IN ME - Alexandria House
Pink Cashmere Publishing
July 2017
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW:  We first met the heroine of this novel, Renee Strickland Mattison, in the Strickland Sisters first book, STAY WITH ME. We learned that Renee’s husband was unfaithful, but in this story, BELIEVE IN ME, more than a year has passed and Renee has moved on and moved back home with her mother. Renee works as a midwife, and she, along with her friend Cass runs Genesis, a facility that offers affordable women’s health care. While making a house call to assist with a home delivery, Renee meets Lorenzo Higgs, a handsome, successful writer, and owner of the house where his sister is delivering her child. Lorenzo is a well-known Urban Lit author, and he writes from past life experiences. Yes, ‘Zo’ has some gangsta in him, and we first experience it when he confronts Robert, Renee’s soon to be ex-husband.

Even though Renee files for divorce from her cheating husband, he is adamant about saving their marriage in spite of the fact he fathered a son with another woman. That’s one dilemma. Added to that is Renee’s reluctance to get involved with Lorenzo because, one, she is still technically a married woman, and two, she is all about guarding her heart from the possibility of it being broken again. Lorenzo is not having it! He pursues and woos the skittish Renee until all that heat and chemistry they emit comes to a boil and explodes.  Unfortunately, we find that both our heroine and hero have issues and secrets that they eventually must reveal. Because of the serious nature of these issues, they have the potential to be deal breakers. Can Lorenzo and Renee resolve these issues, solidify their relationship, and look forward to a HEA? No disclosures here. You have to read the story to find out.

There are several engaging plot twists that author,
Alexandria House, weaves into the storyline. One involves Renee’s father and Lorenzo and a potentially dangerous stand-off that stems from their past lives. Another one centers around Nikki, the third Strickland sister and her BFF, Damon who moves back home to discover that Nikki is engaged.  A third interesting twist involves the secondary character Rell, (Tyrell) Lorenzo’s mute chauffeur, bodyguard, house man and childhood friend. To add to all of this is the last chapter. Priceless! Who would have thought that Renee would have…I’m stopping right here before I reveal too much.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this second installment of the Strickland sisters’ series. It’s a well-written story that I recommend. Believe me, you will enjoy

1st August 2017 |