Review: Beautiful
BEAUTIFUL - Sylvia Hubbard
Hubsbooks Literary Service
July 2017
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming| RATING: B
REVIEW: Madison Oliver lives with her abusive father and step-mother because she can’t afford to live on her own while she works towards her master’s.  She has to catch the bus to school every morning because she doesn’t own a car.  On one such morning she encounters a young man who becomes her friend.  Jamar Ross is fascinated by Madison and wants to help her with her research.  It requires a very specific ingredient and he can supply all she needs.  Madison is skeptical at first but then she throws caution to the wind and accepts his help.  When the two of them become lovers, Madison discovers that Jamar has a secret.  She is shocked and feels betrayed by his actions.  He convinces her to begin an unorthodox relationship with him and his brother, Jason.  The three of them get along famously until the unthinkable happens.  Madison’s research is stolen by someone close to her.  This jeopardizes her chance to gain a coveted grant she desperately needs to turn all her hard work into a finished marketable product.  She breaks all ties with Jamar and Jason after she discovers the theft.  She didn’t reconnect with them until years later when the culprit is revealed.

Madison is a sensitive young woman who hasn’t had much love in her life.  She is shunned and abused by her own father.  She is tougher than she looks and can take whatever is thrown at her.  But she is about to come into her own.  Under the plain clothes and acme riddled face is a genius on the brink of emerging.  Madison takes the ridicule and abuse and bides her time until her dream is finally within her reach.

Jamar is the CEO and director of the Goldengate Foundation, a company that award grants to worthy projects.  A successful business man who appears to have it all together.  Beneath the facade he is a man with intimacy issues due to the abuse he endured at the hands of his mother.  Strangely enough the abuse in his teen years has shaped him into the kind and caring man he is now.  

BEAUTIFUL is a complicated love story fraught with so many twists and turns, secrets, lies, betrayals and even murder.  However, I do think the author does a good job of keeping the story flowing at a moderate rate.  It seems every character you meet has secrets including the heroine and the heroes.  Sylvia Hubbard does a good job of weaving all the hidden mysteries and intricacies you will encounter along the way. That being said, I enjoyed reading this book. It is well-written and all the character own their place in the story. The three main characters; Madison, Jamar and Jason have an unconventional relationship by the usual standards. But it worked for them. They go through a lot but came out on the other side whole.  Madison loves two men and they in turn love her.  The story has a great ending that I didn’t expect but very appropriate. Once you read the story it will make perfect sense.

I would definitely recommend this book to others.  It has everything you could ever want in a story.  An attention getter that will keep you reading for hours and turning the pages to see what new secrets will be revealed.  A very good read.

14th August 2017 |