Review: Backslide
BACKSLIDE - Keith Thomas Walker
KeithWalker Books
June 2017
Urban Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: You can count on author Keith Thomas Walker to create entertaining diverse stories that highlight citizens of the fictional Texas town of Overbrook Meadows. BACKSLIDE takes a look at the underside of Overbrook Meadows where gangs, guns, drugs, and OG’s are a way of life. This story is not your usual boy-meets-girl romance, but it’s more like invasion of the “thug” life that comes between that boy-meets-girl encounter, and its tragic effects. This story is a page turner for sure.

Dana Moore, a radiology tech at Jackson Memorial Hospital, is a mom raising a teenage son, Tariq. In the middle of her shift, she gets that call that no mother wants to get. Her son has been arrested. After taking his friend Brendon to “the hood” to “hook-up” with a young lady, he accidentally hits and kills a young man high on drugs, who runs out in front of his vehicle. If that wasn’t enough, the young man, is the son of a known gang leader. Retaliation is immediate, Brandon is shot, and Tariq is taken to the police station. All of this happens in the first chapter. This tragic event takes on immense proportions as Dana’s house is shot up as the dead man’s gang, MMG (Murder Meadows Gang) seeks revenge. Dana is overwhelmed to say the least. Besides having no clue about gangs or that life, she has nowhere to go. As she tries to figure out her next move, in steps Kole Stone (What a great name!) to the rescue. He and Dana have a brief history together. Now Kole, once the leader of The Organization, MMG’s rival, is on a mission to help his neighbor to survive this gang attack. It’s on and popping! Kole is willing to backslide into his old lifestyle to help Dana, Tariq and Brendon survive this unwarranted attack on their lives. After reading this story, Kole is my new Book-Boo Hero! He is all Alpha Male, Black Knight to the rescue. He and Dana are good together despite Kole’s reluctance. You’ll get that when you read the book.

There are some dynamic secondary characters who stand out in this urban romance story. There’s Tariq and Brendon, the young men who inadvertently bring mayhem to their front door. Another memorable character is Benjamin “Moon” Cummings, a denizen of Overbrook Meadows Southside, owner of the Moonlight night club, a force to be reckoned with in The Organization, and Kole’s best friend. On the flip side, rival gang boss, Brian “Brass” Campbell, leader of the MMG is bad-to-the-bone. In spite of his best efforts to destroy Tariq, Brendon and Dana, she ironically becomes his savior. I’ll leave that right there.

BACKSLIDE has climbed to the top of my all-time favorite Keith Thomas Walker stories. I like Kole, the anti-hero of this story. I also like the author’s original poetry that introduces some of the chapters. I even like the unusual or absent HEA at the end of the book. It all works together to produce one heck of a story. Get a copy; I recommend it.

1st August 2017 |