Review: All He Needs
ALL HE NEEDS - Shirley Hailstock
Harlequin Kimani Romance
January 2017
REVIEWER:  Alicia Aaron | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: ALL HE NEEDS by Shirley Hailstock is a part of the Weddings by Diana series detailing the love story between Renee Hart and Carter Hampshire. This is a love story about two flames who decide to give love another shot.

Renee Hart works as a bridal consultant and has just been given the go ahead to birth her baby-a bridal magazine. She has experience with bridal magazines due to her job prior to joining Weddings by Diana. She worked for Hampshire Publications in their bridal division, where she had a successful career until loving and losing her boss/boyfriend.

Carter Hampshire is a partner in the business that his family owns and he’s now the boss; although at the time that he and Renee were dating and working together he wasn’t the CEO, his father was. One of the things that I really liked about Carter’s character was that he wasn’t a playboy, which sometimes happens when you have a wealthy male at the top of his game

Carter and Renee were in a relationship when out of the blue, Carter broke up with Renee without explaining why, which, naturally, broke Renee’s heart (no pun intended). She quit her job and moved to Jersey where she began working for Weddings by Diana. Fast forward three years and now she’s moving back to New York to launch her bridal magazine. Carter, upon finding out that Renee was back in the city, decided to try to repair his relationship with Renee.

I liked Carter and Renee together. I loved that they were able to separate business from pleasure because they end up being competitors since Carter’s company has a bridal magazine and Renee is launching hers.

What I had a hard time dealing with was Carter’s excuse for leaving three years ago. I get that he was trying to be noble, but I feel like by taking the choice of waiting for him away, he did a grave disservice to their relationship and to Renee. It was like he didn’t believe that she could handle it and made a decision that affected the both of them without consulting with her.

I also dislike the fact that they were so “in love” and almost engaged, but had never said the words to each other. You had the sense the feelings were there, but why didn’t they express them? If you’re almost engaged and it’s a love match, I would think that the words, “I love you” would have been said.

3rd April 2017 |