Review: Act Two
ACT TWO - D. Camille
Sable SiStars Publishing
November 2017
Romantic Suspense
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: The Creators Series continues with the story of Niyah Kendall and Rashad Miller.  After Niyah writes a book about her ancestors who lived during the time that Greenwood Oklahoma, an all Black town known as Little Africa or Black Wall Street, was thriving economically and socially, she finds herself on the verge of seeing her family’s history move from the written word to the silver screen. Whitlock Studios, the largest Black owned Hollywood movie studio is prepared to offer Niyah a movie deal for the rights to her family’s story. If you recall, Whitlock Studios is owned by Rameses Whitlock from ACT ONE. The director will be none other than Tasha Graham Whitlock whom we also met in ACT ONE. The screenwriter assigned to this momentous project is Rashad Miller, who will become the yin to Niyah’s yang. The movie, When Curtis Met Pearl, will be the catalyst that unites Niyah, his earth and Rashad, her Oba.

The fact that author D Camille doesn’t miss a beat as
ACT ONE ends and ACT TWO begins is note worthy. The transition between the books is flawless. In ACT TWO, not only do we get to witness Niyah and Rashad’s sensual romance take center stage, but we also get to follow the lives of other characters from ACT ONE as their relationships become intertwined as the movie becomes a reality. However, that is just one aspect of this story. As in true D Camille style, there are undercurrents of intrigue and suspense that add another dimension to the storyline and characters. There is a tragic history that comes to the light between Rashad and Rameses. There are a couple of old nemesis from the previous book who reappear to bring their own kind of drama. Enter Ray (SUN GOD) Parker (ART OF DECEPTION). If you know anything about Ray, you know that if he shows up, someone is about to get ‘handled’. Not only does Ray step in, but also Sage Parker Black, Ray’s sister and wife of Jordan Black (BLACK MAGIC). Sage is skilled in extracting information. I’m just going to leave that right here, and allow you to read how things go down.

This book is a treat in so many ways. Kudos to author D Camille for producing captivating new characters who connect so well to tried and true old characters of previous works. They continue to love, edify our people, outsmart the enemy and live life to the fullest.
ACT TWO is an incredible story, and I recommend it. It is definitely not a stand-alone, so you need to read WHEN CURTIS MET PEARL, and ACT ONE in that order. You can thank me later.

6th December 2017 |