Review: Act Three
ACT THREE - D. Camille
Sable SiStars Publishing
November 2017
Romantic Suspense
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: The last book of The Creators Series features Curtis “Curt” Kendall V, Civil Rights Attorney and Sydney Johnson, Cinematographer at Whitlock Studios. It is at the wedding reception of Curt’s sister, Niyah and Rashad of ACT TWO, where Curt makes his move. Of the three couples who take center stage in this series, Sydney and Curt are my favorites. Tasha and Rameses, the power couple of Hollywood, Niyah and Rashad, the grounded and creative duo, and now Sydney and Curt, the all or nothing romantics who are inexplicably drawn to each other by their “take no bulls***” attitudes.

One of the hottest scenes in the story marks the beginning of Sydney and Curt’s romance. Without issuing any spoilers, I’ll give you a little hint: It involves a business card and its strategic placement. You’ll get it when you read the book. Another reason that I like this couple is because they are both fighters. Curt has taken up the mantle of the four strong generations of Curt Kendall’s before him to fight for justice for his people. Sydney, raised by her father, has had to fight to stand her ground as a Black female, cinematographer in a chiefly Caucasian male profession. Underneath the story lines of the budding romance between Curt and Sydney, and the significant progress of the movie directed by Tasha Graham Whitlock about Niyah and Curt’s ancestors, there is trouble brewing. Whitlock Studios is being sued by a disgruntled ex-employee, and Curt has a client who becomes completely unhinged and becomes a threat. It’s going to get rocky. That’s one of the great features of a D Camille novel. When there is trouble, it has to be handled. So, who steps into handle the Whitlock Studio troubles but another major playa from a previous book. Sean “Benjamin Rucker” Jackson (
MASTERS OF ILLUSIONS -The Black Diamonds Series). If you are a true fan, no other words are necessary. If you are not aware of this character and his skills, you need to get busy reading. As far as Curt’s psychotic client is concerned, the situation comes to a climactic ending, and we discover that there is a very personal connection that involves Sydney. I love D Camille’s stories because you never know who will show up, or what kind of connection will be revealed between the characters. There is one stand out minor character whom I hope to read about again in a future story. Her name is Leslie and she is Sydney’s sister. I like her character because she is an overcomer, and she displays a great spirit.

ACT THREE is a fulfilling conclusion to this series. Weddings, babies, and HEA’S are prominent.  On a more serious note, Curt announces he has taken on a new case that takes a page from today’s headlines.  The Epilogue highlights the premiere of the movie, When Curtis Met Pearl. It’s the story that Niyah Kendall Miller wrote, Tasha Graham Whitlock directed, and that Sydney Johnson Kendall served as the Cinematographer-The Creators! Great story and an equally impressive series. I highly recommend it. I only ask one thing. Please read them in order, and before you read ACTS ONE, TWO AND THREE, please read WHEN CURTIS MET PEARL first, so you will understand the significance of the history of Greenwood, Oklahoma that led to the creation of these books. Enjoy!

6th December 2017 |