Review: Act One
ACT ONE - D. Camille
Sable SiStars Publishing
November 2017
Romantic Suspense
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: The much-awaited new series from author D Camille Maat is released with an unexpected surprise. All three books of this series were released at the same time! As a special treat, the followers of this prolific author get to read an entire three book series with no interruptions.

The setting of
ACT ONE is Hollywood, California. However, the story actually begins where the Epilogue of FALL BLACK IN LOVE 2: WHEN CURTIS MET PEARL ends. That’s where we are introduced to Niyah Kendall, the granddaughter of Curtis Kendall IV, who has died, and left an archive of family photos and information for Niyah to execute her talent and write the family history in a novel. The story of the Kendall family can be traced to the 1920s, the period of Black Wall Street, also known as Greenwood, Oklahoma. Niyah has completed the book, and the legacy of this amazing family is permanently recorded. So, yes, if you have not read FALL BLACK IN LOVE, I urge you to read it before you pick up The Creators Series. You can thank me later.

ACT ONE begins, Niyah’s book about the Kendall family and their life in Greenwood and beyond, is being considered for a movie. Tasha Graham, a Black director, has read the book and is adamant about using her connections to get this book made into a movie. She hooks up with Rameses Whitlock, the owner of the largest Black-owned Hollywood movie studio, Whitlock Studios. Besides being a story that touts a family’s significant legacy, it is also Tasha and Rameses’ alluring love story. ACT ONE has it all!

We are introduced to some amazing new creative characters and reacquainted with some captivating old ones from previous books. For example, Tasha’s brother happens to be Marc Graham, FBI Special Agent from
HER SHIELD (The Uncut Series Book #1). His skills and expertise are needed in ACT ONE to uncover unsavory threats against Tasha and Rameses. One of the highlights of this story occurs when Isis (Marc’s Wife) from HER SHIELD and Chloe Washington from HER WARRIOR, The Uncut Series Book #4 meet with Tasha for lunch with a plan to ‘tie up loose ends”. You’ll get that when you read the story. Great scene! Unforgettable new characters, Curtis Kendall V, Rashad Miller, and Sydney Johnson make their debut in this story. More about them later. We also meet up with some unsavory characters who add just the right amount of suspense and intrigue to the storyline. The Epilogue is a Romance lover’s treat!

ACT ONE is a great opening act for this series. In order to appreciate and understand the historical references and nuances made in the story, it is necessary that you read WHEN CURTIS MET PEARL. The continuity established between the two stories is flawless. I highly recommend this book. If you like a mix of romance, suspense, history and intrigue, then ACT ONE is the one for you.

6th December 2017 |