Review: A Tiara Under The Tree
Harlequin Kimani Romance
July 2017
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Alicia Aaron| RATING: B+
REVIEW: A TIARA UNDER THE TREE is the latest installment in the Once Upon a Tiara series by Carolyn Hector. It follows the love story between Waverly Leverve and Dominic Crowne. Mrs. Hector does an outstanding job crafting the love story between these two characters.

Waverly Leverve is a disgraced beauty queen who had to do a Vanessa Williams and give up her beauty pageant title, although not for similar reasons. Waverly committed the sin a lot of politicians do…forget that their conversations are still recording when they say inappropriate things. In Waverly’s defense, the sleazy reporter had it coming for propositioning her. Now, she’s living in Southwood, Georgia, licking her wounds (and overdosing on chocolate and sweets) and hoping to fade into the shadows; especially since she’s become a popular meme.

Dominic Crowne is an entrepreneur and a country boy at heart. He’s not your average shade tree, country mechanic. He owns his own business fixing and restoring classic cars; and he has clients all over the world. Dominic is handsome, single and is trying to integrate himself into the community in Southwood.

The two of them meet in a bakery, each of them with their eye on the last Slow Torture Peach Cobbler Cupcake (which sounds AMAZING). Dominic is obviously a gentleman and gives the cupcake to Waverly; especially, since he’s got his eye on something sweeter, Waverly herself. The next time they meet is when there is a pizza mix up, with him receiving the pizza meant for her and she receiving his. Over good food and company, Waverly tells him a little about herself and before either of them knows it, Dominic has convinced Waverly to let him sponsor her in the upcoming pageant.

What ensues is a case of look, but don’t touch. Neither of them realizes that since he is her sponsor, they can’t be in an intimate relationship with each other. So in addition to intense sexual chemistry and tension, throw in some enemies, jealousy, former lovers, wannabe lovers, and an overbearing parent and you have the makings of a fabulous book.

Carolyn Hector really does a great job with crafting the romance between Waverly and Dominic. You could feel the sexual tension and the scenes are hot! The flow and pacing of the book is good and the plot is believable and realistic. One of the things that I liked was reading about Waverly and Dominic fighting their attraction because Mrs. Hector does such a great job writing it that you could easily picture the scenes as you read.

To anyone who is looking for a great book, pick up
A TIARA UNDER THE TREE because you will not be disappointed. In fact, pick up all of the books in the Once Upon A Time series by Carolyn Hector. I’m a firm believer in starting and finishing a good book series and this is one series, you don’t want to miss

1st November 2017 |