Review: Working With Her Crush

Dynasties: Willowvale (Book #1)

Harlequin Desire


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: Talented and in-demand author, Reese Ryan, has collaborated with Jules Bennett to create a new series that is set in Willowvale Springs, Wyoming. In this story we are introduced to Andraya “Dray” Walker, the ranch manager of Willowvale Springs Horse Ranch and tech entrepreneur, Khalil Anderson. Khalil and Andraya have history. They both grew up in Willowvale Springs, were best friends, but their relationship withered and dried up when Khalil left for college and never looked back. In twenty years, he had only been back to his hometown twice.

When the story opens, his mentor and former employer, Hank Carson has died, and Khalil, the proverbial Prodigal Son, is forced to return to the place from which he “escaped”. Hank left Khalil his horse ranch, and for Khalil it could not come at a better time. Let’s just say that his tech business is in trouble because of a cash flow problem. I’m not going to reveal what happened, but he is blindsided by betrayal. You’ll get it when you read the story. Back on the ranch, Andraya is feeling some kind of way because although Hank took care of her in his will, she is disappointed and somewhat resentful that he did not leave her the ranch. What will the new owner do? The last thing Andraya wants is for the new owner to sell the ranch, pocket the cash and disappear. You can imagine her anxiety about the loss of Hank’s legacy as it doubles when she discovers that Hank left the ranch to Khalil. The fate of Willowvale Springs Horse Ranch lies in the hands of a man who clearly has no love for her or the town.

The story centers around the dilemma that both Andraya and Khalil find themselves facing as Khalil struggles with his growing feelings for Andraya, family issues, his cash-strapped business, and the final decision concerning the ranch. All the while, Khalil’s feelings for Andraya are growing, and Andraya is definitely feeling Khalil. The question is can they come to a consensus about the ranch that will benefit all parties involved.

The side characters are mainly composed of Andraya and Khalil’s family members. However, there are two characters who never make an appearance, but they contribute to the intrigue of the story and the development of the main characters. I’ll allow you to discover who they are, and what happened to them. The Epilogue is wonderful! Andraya and Khalil’s HEA is the best of both possible worlds.

WORKING WITH HER CRUSH is an entertaining and enjoyable story that incorporates love, forgiveness, family and of course, romance. It’s also a great start to a new series. I recommend WORKING WITH HER CRUSH for your reading pleasure.

1st November 2023 |