Review: What Happens in Miami
Harlequin Desire
July 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming | RATING: A
REVIEW: Alessandro Cardenas is a Cuban actor enjoying a little downtime in Miami. He is also collecting art in search of the forger passing off his late grandfather’s work as originals. Angeline Louis works for Gallery Six, and she happens to deliver a painting to Alessandro's home for his perusal and subsequent purchase. Their mutual attraction is instantaneous. After sharing dinner, the two of them enjoy a night of passion. The following morning, Angeline leaves before Alessandro awakens. After doing the walk of shame, she tries to put that night behind her. But Alessandro showing up at her place of employment for a special event makes that impossible. He is a real charmer and convinces Angeline to continue their romance until he leaves to make his next film. She agrees, and they begin a no-strings-attached relationship. But they didn’t count on a little complication called love.

Angeline is Haitian American and a sales associate at an art museum. She followed her boyfriend to Miami, chasing her art dreams for which she has nothing to show for it except disappointment. With failure constantly at the forefront of her mind, her new goal is to save enough money to return home to Orlando. Alessandro is an award-winning actor and art collector. He is not a fan of the glitz and glamour of his celebrity status. But he knows it’s part and parcel of the career he has chosen.

WHATEVER HAPPENS IN MIAMI is an engaging romance novel with memorable characters. The author, Nadine Gonzalez, did an excellent job, as usual. Her story gives us a glimpse into the art world and the city of Miami. It’s well written with a wonderful plot that includes not only love but a mystery as well. The two main characters are different, but their love of art draws them together. Love blooms even though Alessandro and Angeline have only known each a short time. But when love is involved, there is no time frame. Although Alessandro is a celebrity, he has a down-to-earth personality, and he wants a down-to-earth woman to share his life with.

WHATEVER HAPPENS IN MIAMI is an excellent read and the second book in the Miami Famous series. Although it is part of a series, this story is definitely a stand-alone. SCANDAL IN THE VIP SUITE is the first jewel in this series. I recommend both for your reading pleasure.

12sto July 2021 |