Review: Weekend Girlfriend
Love & Justice (Book #1)
Young Creations Publishing
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: Welcome to a promising new series by talented writer, Sean D. Young! The first installment of the Love and Justice Series features Charlee Summers and Jason Austin who are long-time friends. Charlee, an aspiring lead prosecutor, and Jason, a criminal defense attorney is involved in the Austin family’s law business. I love a good friends-to-lovers story, and this one checks all the boxes. First, we have a “what are we doing” moment with our couple. It’s a steamy close encounter that causes Charlee to cut and run. Great opening scene!

Three years have passed since that opening scene, and we find that Jason is checking on his friend, Charlee, because lately she has been MIA. He goes to her home and catches her in a “Mary J.Blige not going to cry and a Toni Braxton, love song” state of mind. She’s a disaster as she tries to get over a break-up with a cheating boyfriend. I’ll allow you to discover how Charlee found out about his infidelity. It shook her! In order to help his friend, Jason invites Charlee to join him and the Austin family to celebrate his cousin’s upcoming destination wedding in Belize. It’s the perfect solution to help Charlee get over her deadbeat boyfriend, and to also help Jason dodge his Grand’Mere’s attempt at matchmaking. It is also the perfect set up for some great scenarios for Charlee and Jason who obviously care for each other, have a lot in common, understand each other, and according to family and friends, belong together. Did I mention close proximity also plays a part in this engaging story? My bag. You’ll get that when you read the story.

Being introduced to the Austins of Chicago is one of the highlights of this story. The family members serve as minor characters who offer support and unsolicited advice to our couple. I look forward to reading more about the family as the series continues. Jason, Quincy, Grayson, Xavier and Philip Austin are really cousins, but they are close like brothers. Their stories will be revealed in the coming books of the series. Kudos to Ms. Young for treating her readers to an Austin family tree at the beginning of the book. By the way, Jason and Charlee’s HEA is everything! It is so sublime!

WEEKEND GIRLFRIEND is an entertaining, enjoyable and enthralling read. It also serves as an introduction to a new and intriguing book family.  I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

1st October 2022 |