Review: Wandering Beauty

WANDERING BEAUTY - Suzette Riddick

Generations Series (Book #2)

Heart 2 Heart Publishing


Brenda Larnell (A+)


REVIEW: Award winning author, Suzette Riddick, continues the story of Coleman family with this second installment featuring the next generation. Floretta, the female protagonist from FOREVER BEAUTIFUL, Generations Book #1 is now Nana Flo, the grand matriarch of the family and Colemanville, North Carolina. Her husband, Packer, has passed, and her mother’s legacy, Iva’s House of Beauty, is now a neglected relic in much need of a makeover. The family saga continues with Jillian “Sugar Foot” Hart, the granddaughter of Flo, the wife of Ivan, and the mother of two, Van and Iesha.

Jillian is unhappy and heartbroken. As a matter of fact, she’s fed up with her husband and their marriage. Colemanville is calling her home and Nana Flo, Jillian’s confidante, has sanctioned it. She packs up her children, along with her niece, and they leave for Colemanville for an indefinite stay. I’ll allow you to discover the proverbial straw that broke that marriage. Jillian’s sister-in-law, Jackie, is also experiencing a rough patch. Her backstory blends perfectly with Jillian’s because it’s all about family and support. Ironically, Jackie does not have that with her own family. It’s complicated and messy, but you’ll get it when you read the book.

Colemanville proves to be a haven for Jillian and her children. Surrounded by family, friends, and the guidance of Nana Flo, Jillian begins to heal and thrive. Her skills as an esthetician will serve her well, and revive a legacy that Colemanville, the family, and Jillian herself needed. You would think that her husband Ivan has no redeeming qualities until he reveals his true self to Jillian. They say confession is good for the soul, but it’s also good for the marriage. There’s another highlight of this story that I can’t leave out. Jillian discovers something about her family heritage that began in
FOREVER BEAUTIFUL, Generations Book #1. I can’t reveal any details, but it shakes Jillian to her core, as it presents a troubling snapshot of her great-grandfather, Dr. Everett Mercer’s, side of the family.

There are so many watershed moments in this book that I cannot pack them all in this review. However, I will say that the HEA for Jillian and Ivan is real. The family continues to thrive and Nana Flo, with all her wisdom and love, guides her crew, and Iva Rae’s embraces a new generation.

I love this story, and talented Suzette Riddick does an excellent job in continuing the saga from
Generations Book 1 that Suzette Harrison started. What a dynamic duo! I highly recommend WANDERING BEAUTY, but make sure you read FOREVER BEAUTIFUL first. Great job, ladies!

13th June 2024 |