Review: Trouble For Hire
Rose Bend (Book #1)
HQN Books
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: Talented writer, Naima Simone, transports us once again to the familiar town of Rose Bend, Massachusetts and introduces us to Camille Dansen and Erik Mann. For this couple, Rose Bend is the place for a chance to rebuild their lives. I love second chance stories, and this one does not disappoint. Although it is a novella, there’s a lot of story packed into its seven chapters.

When the story opens, Camille is feeling a little out of place as she waits in a tattoo parlor for an interview for a job. She is waiting for the owner, Erik, to interview for a job at the front desk. When I tell you that the “heat is on” at their initial meeting, believe it. It’s not going to be easy for either Camille nor Erik to keep it strictly business. What is most compelling about this story are Camille and Erik’s  backstories. No tea spilled here. You will have to read the story to discover the traumatic events that drove Camille and Erik, respectively, to settle in Rose Bend for fresh starts.

TROUBLE FOR HIRE is a passionate and emotional story that effectively mixes family, friendships, loss and love. The story is a strong stand-alone that is in keeping with the theme of all the Rose Bend stories: The perfect place for second chances. I enjoyed Erik and Camille’s journey.

I recommend
TROUBLE FOR HIRE for your reading pleasure. It’s an entertaining and quick read

9th December 2022 |