Review: Treads of Destiny

TREADS OF DESTINY - Unoma Nwankwor

Sins of the Father (Prequel)

Kevstel Publishing


Reviewer: Brenda Larnell |  Rating: A


REVIEW: Get ready, fans! A new series is coming to the U.N Universe and this book, THREADS OF DESTINY, is the prelude. Allow me to introduce to some and reacquaint to others the leading man, Qadir Adesina of Ile Oloro Farms & Adesina Enterprises.  The new series will be based on the Adesina brothers. The leading lady of this story is Orefi Agada of Ziedu Fashions. Ziedu Fashions is not new to the U.N Universe, but this time we get to delve into the inner workings of the fashion house and the Adesina enterprises.

Both Qadir and Orefi are facing difficult times as they handle the business of their respective family enterprises. As you read this engrossing story, you will discover the unfortunate pressures that our leads are facing. Remember, this story is about two African families who regardless of their American ties, still operate under African family traditions. It is those traditions that Qadir and Orefi are confronted with as they head their family businesses. I love the family dynamic as they manipulate their lives to accommodate the old ways while living, loving, and laboring in the 21st century.

As I said before, you’ll meet the family members of this power couple, and recognize the importance of their stations. Their roles are very important as minor characters. Qadir and Orefi’s HEA is highlighted by the promises of understanding and an unstoppable bond being forged.

THREADS OF DESTINY is a bonus freebie from the author to her devoted readers. Look for it when it goes live on your regular book purchase sights. It marks the premiere of a new series that is all about “Black love, faith, family, swoony feels” all wrapped up in beautiful African culture. You can thank me later!

7th July 2024 |