Review: Their Desert Night of Scandal
Brothers of the Desert (Book #1)
Harlequin Presents
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: This is my first time reading a story by Maya Blake, and I must say that I enjoyed it. THEIR DESERT NIGHT OF SCANDAL is the Book #1 of Brothers of the Desert Series. It’s an intriguing, romantic, romp in the desert that stars Sheikh Tahir and Lauren Winchester.  Ms Blake does an excellent job in utilizing several romance tropes: reunion of lovers, second chance at love, Sheikh hero, royalty, and forced proximity to give us a compelling story.

It’s been twelve years since Sheikh Tahir and Lauren have seen each other. They met at university. Their romance ended in shame and despair. The Sheikh’s father had a lot to do with their breakup. I’ll let you discover the details of that dark time. I will say that it was bad; so bad that Tahir’s father banished him to the desert. Likewise, Lauren’s father is appalled at the romance. His political position with the British government is at stake. After twelve years of not having any interaction with each other, Lauren shows up at Tahir’s palace gate and requests a meeting with him. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! What could she possibly want to see Tahir about after all those years? Well, fans, here lies the heart and soul of the story. Lauren needs a favor, and Tahir is the only one who can grant it. No spoilers.

You will have to read the story to discover the reason Lauren planted herself outside the palace gate for days to get an audience with the Sheikh. Tahir finally grants her an audience with him to plead her case, but not before he whisks her away with him to the desert where he has business to handle. A lot happens during the time they are away…many conversations, confessions, and revelations, and let me not forget some steamy moments! Their return to the palace is epic!

The supporting cast for this story is minimal. Other than Tahir’s brother and a few servants, this story focuses on the ill-fated relationship of Tahir and Lauren. I loved the Epilogue, one year later, where Ms Blake did a top-notch job of bringing all parties together and tying up loose ends. There is a celebration at the palace rather than a confrontation. The HEA is sublime!

THEIR DESERT NIGHT OF SCANDAL is a good read, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

1st October 2022 |