Review: The Torn Prince
Love Africa Press
June 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: THE TORN PRINCE is author Zee Monodee’s worthy contribution to the Royal House Of Saene Series of stories that chronicles the lives of the Princesses and Princes of Bagumi, a fictional African Kingdom. THE TORN PRINCE highlights Prince Zediah “Zed” Saene (aka Switz Bagumi) and Riona “Rio” Mittal. The story is set in London and Africa.

Zed is that son who insists on living his life on his own terms. Even though he is the son of a King, he chooses to make his own way in the world by following his path as a musician. His mother, Queen Zulekha, insists that the path he should follow is the one she has arranged for him. Zed is not ready for that at all, and it seems neither is the woman he is to marry. Hmmm- I’ll let you discover what’s going on there. In the meantime, Zed discovers that he has a son that he did not know about with a woman that he is in love with. Enter, Rio, the daughter of a father from India and a mother from Mauritius. I mention this because the different cultures of both families, influence the action and outcome of the story. Rio is very apprehensive about Zed and his intentions. However, Zed is determined to win the heart of Rio whom he left rather abruptly because of a family matter. The heart and soul of this story revolves around Zed and Rio’s love journey, and the pursuit of living one’s truth.

The story flows well. In addition, the side characters contribute to the development of the main characters. The mothers of Zed and Rio unapologetically believe what they believe, and they really stand their ground. Interesting characters. The HEA is wonderful! Talk about a family affair…you’ll get that when you read the story.

I must admit that this is the only story I have read in the
Royal House of Saene Series. So, it can be read as a stand-alone. The other contributors are authors, Nana Prah, Empi Baryeh, and Kiru Taye. I enjoyed THE TORN PRINCE, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

11th June 2021 |