Review: The Royal Rebel
THE ROYAL REBEL - Angela Seals
Modern Day Socialite (Book #2)
Independently Published
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: THE ROYAL REBEL, featuring the second Royal sister, Erin Kane, will capture your attention from the first lines of the Prologue to the last lines of the Epilogue. Erin is an international top model. Her government name is really Ericka, and she is described as, “Sarcastic. Unapologetic. A Rebel.” She is definitely all that and then some! The only person to smooth her sharp edges is Polo, real name Poland Romel, former “cleaner” and current  well-known rapper. There’s only one problem. Erin dislikes Polo, and Polo thinks Erin is “nuts”. They agree to “make nice” because Polo is best friends with Malik, Erin’s sister, Heiress’ fiancé. As a matter of fact, the beginning of the story is all about Malik and Heiress’ wedding plans. You can read their story in THE ROYAL MESS, Book #1,  Modern Day Socialite Series. As it would happen, Polo is Malik’s best man, and Erin is her sister’s maid-of-honor. Talented author, Angela Seals, sets up this story with two very intriguing and engaging tropes: Enemies-to-Lovers and Close Proximity.

Erin is not fully on board with the wedding planning, and she has no qualms with expressing her displeasure. She’s not really the self-centered person she appears to be, but that’s the persona that she presents. Why? You’ll understand when you read the story. There are layers to this story that help make it multi-dimensional. There is the Royal family dynamic, Polo and Malik’s past, Erin’s  personal demons, and the threat on Erin’s life. Yes, fans, there is someone who is hell-bent on taking the life of the heroine. The tension mounts as Erin receives notes from the deranged person who wants her dead. Get ready for a shock as that character finally confronts Erin, great scene!

I love this story for a number of reasons: 1. Neither Polo nor Erin are “goody-two-shoes” characters, but they are worthy to wear the crown of heroine and hero. 2. The serious subject matter of eating disorders is addressed, and 3. The mounting tension that occurs with the threat on Erin’s life.

I love the Epilogue that is the setting of Heiress and Malik’s wedding reception. The best man and maid of honor are “involved” in a little one-on-one. The HFN for Erin and Polo is everything.

THE ROYAL REBEL is an engrossing, and at times, graphic story, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure. There is a disclaimer that it contains “sex, violence, and profanity”. Don’t let that stop you from purchasing a copy. It’s a well-written, enjoyable story. You can thank me later.

24th January 2022 |