Review: The Resolute Prince
Love Africa Press
August 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: I am enjoying getting to know the family members from the Royal House of Saene. THE RESOLUTE PRINCE highlights Prince Zareb Saene, the head of palace security, and son of the King and Queen of Bagumi. Zareb is also a bronze medal winner from the 2016 Summer Olympics. Besides being head of security, Zareb trains young men (and I emphasize young men) who show a gift and prowess for competitive fencing. Enter Malika Ahvanti, who also goes by the name of Maliq Sule Ahvanti. Why? I’ll get to that later.

The charming storyline is based on the Matchmaker trope. Queen Zulekha, the hero’s mother, is the force behind a deception that forces Zareb into a coach/love relationship with Malika, aka Sule. Why the deception? Zareb experienced a coach’s nightmare when he trained a young lady. It was so bad that he swore off training women. No tea served here. You’ll discover what happened when you read the story. Consequently, when he agrees to train Sule, a competent and promising young fencer, he is unknowingly training a woman. The story gets even better when he “meets” Malika, at the behest of his mother, the Queen, and sparks immediately fly. Author, Nana Prah, cleverly reveals Zareb’s dilemma as he wrestles with his feelings for Malika that are complicated by being around her Sule persona. I love the scene where the usually self-controlled, resolute Zareb runs to his playboy brother, Zik, to get his advice because Zareb questions his own sexuality. The storyline flows smoothly as the plot thickens with cunning Queen Zulekha manipulating a confused Zareb, and a caught-in-the-middle Malika.

The side characters, composed mainly of members of the Royal House of Saene, contribute to the intrigue of the story and the development of the main characters. It was a treat to catch up with Zed and his young son Nour from
THE TORN PRINCE (Zee Monodee), another entertaining story in this series. The Epilogue smoothly resolves everything with a delightful HEA.

THE RESOLUTE PRINCE is another stand-out story in The House of Saene Series. It is enjoyable and engaging. Shout-out to Nana Prah, Empi Baryeh, Kiru Taye, and Zee Monodee, the talented writers of this series who tell their stories from an African perspective. I recommend THE RESOLUTE PRINCE for your reading pleasure.

15th August 2021 |