Review: The Pregnancy Proposal
Cress Brothers (Book #4)
Harlequin Desire
Jennifer Copeland (A)
REVIEW: THE PREGNANCY PROPOSAL by best-selling author Niobia Bryant is an amazing and a sensual book. This is the Book #4 in the Cress Brothers series. Although you can read each book as a standalone, I highly recommend that you read the first three books in the series so that you will be familiar with the characters. The first three books are ONE NIGHT WITH CINDERELLA, THE REBEL HEIR, and AN OFFER FROM MR. WRONG. This book grabbed my attention from the very beginning to the ending. I was on the edge of my seat anticipating what was going to happen next.

THE PREGNANCY PROPOSAL tells the love story of Montgomery Morgan who has her own PR firm and Sean Cress who is a celebrity chef for his family’s business. Montgomery and Sean know each because she is his publicist and she has been working on his image since the sex tape of Sean had been leaked to the public. They had an intimate encounter while being stuck in an elevator during a dinner being held by his brother and her friend. Montgomery now has some news for Sean two months after the encounter. How will Sean and Montgomery handle the news? You will have to read THE PREGNANCY PROPOSAL to find out!

What I loved about this book was the storyline and the way that Ms. Bryant wrote the beginning of the book. From the start, I was intrigued, and it made me want to continue to read the book. This book has so many steamy moments in so be prepared for it. Montgomery and Sean’s chemistry is so hot and sizzling. I also loved that when Sean is traveling, Ms. Bryant describes each place so beautifully to the point that there are a couple of scenes in this book that had me all in my emotions. It is beautifully written to the point that I was in tears. It was also good getting updates about the rest of the Cress brothers and the family.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Ms. Bryant’s latest release. The author put so many nuggets of wisdom in this book. One was about being perfect and that definitely resonated with me. Another one was that meeting the right person can change you for the better.
THE PREGNANCY PROPOSAL definitely has me in a book hangover. Make sure to grab a copy.

20th November 2022 |