Review: The Outlaw's Claim
THE OUTLAW'S CLAIM - Brenda Jackson
Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws (Book #5)
Harlequin Desire
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: When you read this story that features Maverick Outlaw and Sapphire “Phire” Bordello, you will understand why it’s titled THE OUTLAW’S CLAIM instead of Maverick’s Claim. There is so much that is revealed, resolved and set to rights in this book that affects the entire Outlaw-Westmoreland Clan. You might want to take notes as you read.

First, the story begins with a wedding. It’s not Maverick, but it’s his brother, Jess’s and the former Paige Novak’s (
WHAT HAPPENS ON VACATION...). We get some great updates on the Westmoreland and Outlaw family members. You know anytime they get together, it’s like a family reunion. Even Bart shows up with Charm’s mother Claudia. Clearly that’s a good sign seeing that Bart wants nothing to do with the Westmorelands. That’s not all that happens. Maverick gets a call from Sapphire, his once FWB, whom he met in Paris some three years ago, that she has been summoned from Paris to his ranch in Forbes, Texas, by her tyrant of a “father”, Simon Bordello. He is ten times worse than Bart which makes him evil. Maverick, without hesitation, flies to Dallas to meet with Phire. What Phire reveals to him is troubling. Simon has arranged for Phire to marry someone who can help him financially. Now, that’s all the tea I am spilling about that story arc. You will have to read the book for yourself. However, I will say what happens between Maverick and Phire that night they reunited is epic! That’s it, fans! Moving on…

A new character is introduced whom I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from. His name is Jaxon Ravnell. He is the man Simon has selected to marry Phire, but not to worry, fans. All is not what it appears to be. In a stunning plot twist by the genius, Ms. Jackson, Jaxon is going to be “The Man” who will completely turn Simon’s world up-side-down and have Bart doing a complete 180-degree turn. Stand by for a colossal reveal! Remember, it was back in
TEXAS WILD when  Rico Claiborne, along with Megan Westmoreland, first began investigating Raphel Westmoreland that led them to Forbes, Texas. I’ll leave that little nugget right there.

As far as side characters are concerned, the Westmorelands and the Outlaws surround Maverick and Phire with all the support they could ever need or want. The HEA for Maverick and Phire is solid. Just when you think that things are settled, a young woman associated with the Westmoreland side of the family catches Jaxon’s eye. Wouldn’t you like to know who she is?

I loved this story.
THE OUTLAW’S CLAIM answers so many questions. The brilliant Brenda Jackson combines romance, mystery, and intrigue as only she can to give her readers in an engrossing story. This story has everything, and I highly recommend it.

26th October 2022 |