Review: The Friend Zone
THE FRIEND ZONE - Delaney Diamond
Garden Avenue Press
August 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: I’ve enjoyed this summer “trilogy” of the Quicksand Series. Each book focuses on one of three friends. In THE FRIEND ZONE, we become more acquainted with Professor Dana Lindstrom and retired NFL player, Omar Bradford. When the pair met six years ago, Omar was in a serious relationship. Who knows what would have happened otherwise. The two hit it off, and Dana has had feelings for Omar, pretty much since the beginning. Actually, the feelings are mutual.

Now that Omar is no longer attached, he’s going from woman to woman to get his mind off Dana. She has tried to deny her feelings, but her friends know better. What they don’t know is something happened between Dana and Omar three years ago that changed the tone of their relationship. Despite being drawn to his football build, caramel skin and big heart, she thinks they are better as friends because of his track record. He went from being a devoted fiancé to… the opposite of that.

While Dana and Omar keep their feelings about each other to themselves, Dana meets someone else who doesn’t waste time “shooting his shot”. Of course, Omar is not feeling this, and the story continues to progress from there.

I enjoyed reading about Dana and Omar’s friendship. They are supportive and care about each other’s well-being. Omar encourages Dana to spend time on something she’s passionate about, but has been afraid to take the next step. Dana is supportive of Omar’s business endeavors and has a great relationship with his son. The question is, will they work as a couple? Omar feels he’s not good enough for Dana. For her part, Dana doesn’t think she’s Omar’s type since he dates models and aspiring actresses and doesn’t think she can get used to his popularity. The physical attraction is there; it’s downright hot and steamy.

The road to HEA gets bumpy and Dana tries to walk away, but Omar isn’t giving up. “Friends to Lovers” is one of my favorite themes and I enjoyed this story line. As far as supporting characters, it was good to get updates on Dana’s friends Layla and Tamika. I also loved the relationship with Omar and his parents and of course Omar’s son, Prince. A villain or two rear their ugly head and there is an unexpected twist that will keep the reader engaged. I really enjoyed The Friend Zone and highly recommend it. 

9th August 2021 |