Review: Soul Ties
She Loves Words Publishing
August 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: This series, Soulmates, about a family of women whose names begin with the letter Z, is a stand-out series. This book, SOUL TIES, is a wonderful finale to this four-book series. It highlights the mother of Zola, Zena, and grandmother of Zoe, the “Z” women. Zora Green, the matriarch of the family, has a gift, as do her daughters and granddaughter that goes back generations to the women in her family. As the Bible says, “Your gifts will make room for you.”  That is exactly what Zora experiences in this enjoyable and beautifully written story.

Fans of this series have been waiting to get the 411 on this clairvoyant, weed smoking, independent woman who witnesses her two daughters and granddaughter find fulfilling love with their soulmates. Now, it’s Zora’s turn, but she is reluctant to share herself fully with her “friend with benefits”. Enter Solomon King, a professional travel photographer. He is all in when it comes to his feelings about Zora. He is drawn to her spirit, peacefulness, and well-preserved body. However, Zora is not feeling Solomon like that. When he takes two steps forward, she takes three steps back. What is the cause for holding herself back from having an all-in relationship with Solomon? I’ll allow you to discover that when you read the story. However, I will say that it is deeply tied to her backstory with her ex, Elijah “Smoke” Lewis. Speaking of the ex, Aja gives us a Bonus Scene at the end of the book about Smoke. His book is going to be off-the-chain, and Zora is going to be involved. Can’t wait! Getting back to Solomon and Zora, their dark moment comes when Solomon realizes that Zora’s family has no clue about who he is in Zora’s life. It’s a riveting scene. I love this story that Aja has so eloquently penned. May I add that the playlist is old school R&B, good music to read by.

The side characters of friends and family play important roles and help to move the storyline along. Zora, herself, is a well-rounded character fleshed out with a backstory that explains her motivation, strengths and weaknesses. The Epilogue/HEA is loaded with new life and the promise of a good life to come for Zora and Solomon.

SOUL TIES is the last book of the Soulmates Series. It is my favorite, and I recommend SOUL TIES for your reading pleasure.

9th August 2021 |