Review: Smoke in Love

TASTE IN LOVE - Elle Wright

Four20 Bae (Book #5)

SL Books


Cherly McNeil (A)


REVIEW: SMOKE IN LOVE is part of a multi-author series. The book may have an unconventional theme; however, it has substance and an enjoyable “friends to lovers” trope. The main characters are also part of a crossover featuring two families in Ms. Wright’s universe. Alaiya Young is Victoria Young’s niece. I’ve enjoyed all the books in the Young In Love Series and enjoyed getting updates on family members. Spencer Cross’s family has been featured in a few books, most recently his niece, Taylor, in SOME KIND OF LOVE.

Alaiya and Spencer have been friends for years. Alaiya is a real estate agent who has represented Spencer in several deals. Alaiya’s daughter, Desiree, also works for Spencer’s expanding business, Cross Investments.
The prologue provides background on how the pair met. Spencer sees Alaiya on the playground with a Wonder Woman costume on…and it isn’t Halloween. That gives the reader an idea about what is going on in Alaiya’s life, before her aunt Victoria comes to the rescue. Spencer proves then that he will always be there for Alaiya. Fast forward twenty-five years later and Alaiya’s marriage is practically over. Spencer has also “been there, done that” and is happy being single. Especially because the person he thinks he is supposed to be with is unavailable. He gets roped into a holiday speed dating event by his niece Taylor. He’s referred to as a “Zaddy” several times and I got the visual! As Spencer prepares to leave the event he runs into Alaiya. In her haste to grab something she drops her “move on plan”. I had to laugh at some of the things on her list and how embarrassing it is that Spencer sees it.

The story goes from there as Alaiya puts her plan in motion and Spencer is a supportive friend. Putting her first always. He’s also determined to help her check off every item off her list, including her physical needs when the time is right.  Alaiya has emotional baggage, but Spencer isn’t concerned about that. They are mature and ensure they made the right decisions for the long term. When they finally explore each other, they are hot like fire!

This book is grown and sexy. As a reflection of their age and maturity, Alaiya and Spencer know what they want, take their time and enjoy the simple things in life. There are some touching moments and some downright hilarious ones. Alaiya proves that edibles aren’t for everyone! As always, the Young family, Alaiya’s cousins, are there to provide comic relief.
SMOKE IN LOVE is a great kick off to the Four20 Bae series, and I highly recommend it.

18th April 2024 |