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SMOKE AFTER HOURS - Sherelle Green

Four20 Bae (Book #4)

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REVIEW: SMOKE AFTER HOURS is USA Today bestselling author Sherelle Green’s contribution to the Four20 Bae Series. Bentley Blackwood and Volley Paul are part of successful cannabis delivery service that they manage together. They are expanding to include unique experiences. Volley is an interesting name. Volley’s mom loves the Olympics, so her sons are named after sports, i.e. Volleyball. The pair are best friends and have known each other since their high school days. They live in a co-op in New York with people that loved all things cannabis.

Volley had Kenyan roots. He has dreads, broad shoulders and eyes that look at Bentley with intensity. She is from Ethiopia. She has dark brown eyes that are pools of mystery. It is interesting to learn more about their dynamic. The description of their eyes is fitting because their unspoken communication is with their eyes. On the surface, Volley has been crushing on Bentley for years. They have a private sexy game they play from afar that is just between them, even though they never talk about it. The temptation is there but Volley never crosses the line. It is getting harder; however, he is her protector and is committed to never doing anything to put her in danger. After so many years of staying apart, is now finally their time?

With a Sherelle Green book there is always more than meets the eye.  There is a component of intrigue. Things are not totally what they seem for either Volley or Bentley. It is interesting to pull back the layers. There are also connections to families featured in other series by Ms. Green. The Crownes play a critical role. They are never far from the happenings in underground worlds. There is also a connection to the Maddens. The cannabis delivery service that Volley and Bentley work for, along with another business they are with, is owned by Jordyn and Crayson Madden. It was good to get updates about these families, and others, that are featured in different books.

SMOKE AFTER HOURS focuses on “friends to lovers” with a mix of intrigue and suspense. The book also explores how cannabis brings people together in different ways. I enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

3rd May 2024 |