Review: Six Days to Live
SIX DAYS TO LIVE - Lisa Dodson
Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Wayne Jordan (B+)
REVIEW: Lisa Dodson makes a promising debut in the Harlequin Romantic Suspense line with, SIX DAYS TO LIVE, a story which balances a satisfying romance with tense suspense from the very first chapter. While on a mission, Coulter McKendrick is injected with the Silent Night drug, a deadly poison, which will kill him in six days. His former fiancée, Marena, a biochemist, is the only person Coulter believes can save him, so he finds her and, together, they race against time to save him.

There are a lot of elements of this book that I enjoyed. I liked the main characters (who can resist a second chance-at-love) and I liked the fact that each of them was determined; especially Marena whose resourcefulness made me hopeful that, despite the obstacles they face, everything would be alright. At the centre of this story is the lack of trust between Coulter and Marena. After he broke off their engagement, without explanation, it is difficult for Marena to trust him again. Eventually, we discover his reasoning, but realise that communication between a couple is extremely important. The journey to the conclusion is gripping, fast-paced and tense.

As I said earlier,
SIX DAYS TO LIVE is a promising debut from Ms. Dodson and I look forward to reading more of this genre from her. While the premise is not original (shades of the television show 24), the story is well-constructed. The story is also well-researched and at no time did I doubt the authenticity of the scientific jargon. While the ‘heat’ could have been upped a notch, it did not lessen the nuances of the second chance romance.

I look forward to more of Ms. Dodson’s work in this genre and recommend it for lovers of romantic suspense. You won’t be disappointed.

11th January 2022 |