Review: Shielding Her Son
West Investigations (Book #4)
Harlequin Intrigue
Wayne Jordan (A)
REVIEW: I have enjoyed each book in the West Investigations series and this release, Book #4, is as good, if not better than, as the others. It is my favorite of the series so far. Though the story is set in the quiet town of Carling Lake, there is a familiarity which is common with series. However, SHIELDING HER SON can be read without reading the previous books, but I would advise any new readers of the series to go back and read the others. They should not be missed.

About ten years ago, Erika Powell moved to Carling Lake to start a new life. Since the death of her husband, and rejection by her rich father-in-law, her move had been inevitable, especially after she realized she was pregnant. She knew that if her father-in-law had discovered that she was pregnant he would do everything to get his grandchild. The story begins with a bang and immediately readers are drawn into a sense of foreboding. Someone is out to scare Erika. James West, her closest neighbor, comes to her rescue but there is a reason James is renting a nearby cabin. He is on a mission to find out if Erika and her son are the missing heir he is searching for. Who is trying to harm Erika? Is she the person he is looking for? Or is she in danger as a result of the investigation she is carry out as an editor for the local newspaper?  By the end of the story after several twists and turns, the readers get their answers, but the journey there is definitely intriguing.

I love the two main characters, Erika and James. Erika is a strong single mother who has made a comfortable life with her son and herself, despite all she has endured at the hand of her in-laws. Focussed on that aspect of her life, she has no time for romance or relationships, so she does not trust James. After an  injury, James has retired from the military as he can no longer continue his career as a sniper. Like Erika, he is not looking for romance, but focussed on discovering if Erika and her son are the missing ears. I enjoy books with kids, and Marcus is a welcomed addition to the story. He is an adorable kid who sees himself as the man of the house. At ten years old, he is as protective of his mother as she is of him.

has a tense pace which intensifies when Marcus goes missing. The main characters are complex, and the small-town setting has its appeal. However, it is the compelling mystery which drives this terrific romantic suspense. SHIELDING HER SON is a great addition to the West Investigation series. I highly recommend this book to fans of Ms. Richards and those readers who love a great romantic suspense. You won’t be disappointed.

23rd October 2022 |