Review: She Gets What She Deserves
Tule Publishing
September 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Jennifer Copeland | RATING: B+
REVIEW: SHE GETS WHAT SHE DESERVES by author Denise N. Wheatley is a fantastic book! She is a new to me author that I had the pleasure of reading.  This is Book #2 in her Fearless Fairytale Novel Series. I strongly suggest that you read Book #1 in the series which is SHE GETS WHAT SHE WANTS so you won’t get lost and be familiar with the characters because this book picks up where the first book leaves off.

SHE GETS WHAT SHE DESERVES, Devon Jacobs is now a staff writer for the television show Here to Stay. She gets promoted from being production assistant when her ideas for the sitcom impress the producers of the show.  Devon has also been dating Ryan Roberts, one of the actors on the show. When they first meet in Book #1, they start off as friends before deciding to be in a relationship. Devon and Ryan also decide to keep their relationship private and not tell anyone. Devon’s boss has a meeting with her and asks her if they are dating. Devon, fearful that she may lose her job, lies to her boss and tells her they are just friends. Ryan and her friend Gabby urge her to tell her boss the truth. Every time that Devon wants to tell her boss the truth something happens to stall her. Devon gets word that her father is in the hospital, and she flies home to see him. Her ex-boyfriend shows up at the hospital. When Devon returns back to LA, she finds out the show maybe canceled. Devon and Ryan have a meeting where he finds out that a picture of her and her ex-boyfriend was sent to him, and Ryan decides that they need to take a break. Will Devon finally come clean to her boss? Will Devon and Ryan get back together? You will have to read SHE GETS WHAT SHE DESERVES by Denise N. Wheatley to find out!

What I loved about the book was the storyline. It felt good to read a book about a small town woman making it big in the city. I felt like I was in the book following Devon Jacobs’ journey in finding love and her career. I loved how the romance was sweet and it slowly built up throughout the book.

Although I enjoyed reading,
SHE GETS WHAT SHE DESERVES, I felt like something was missing for me. I will have to go back and read the first book in the series. Make sure to grab your copy of this book

7th October 2021 |