Review: Secrets Of A One Night Stand
Harlequin Desire
September 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming | RATING: A
REVIEW: Mycah Hill steps out of her comfort zone and has a one-night stand with a stranger. Three months later, that stranger turns out to be Achilles Farrell, her new boss. Pretending they don’t know each other proves pointless. Mycah and Archilles finally succumb to their mutual attraction. So they begin an affair in secret, but an unexpected pregnancy changes their situation. Achilles doesn’t want to hide their relationship anymore. He loves Mycah and wants to marry her and raise their child together. On the other hand, Mycah wants the secrecy to continue until she can inform her wealthy, snobbish parents. Achilles accuses Mycah of being ashamed of being pregnant with his child. Mycah denies it, and they argue. Four days later, Mycah realizes her mistake and goes to Achilles and apologizes. She confesses to loving him too and wants a future with him.

Micah grew up in a wealthy family with manipulative, unaffectionate parents. She learned early how to guard her heart and feelings, which carried over into adulthood. She doesn’t let anyone get too close for fear of being hurt. Society looks down on Achilles because of his poor background. He is used to being treated like an outsider even though his brilliantly inventive mind made him a millionaire. He pretends indifference, but deep down, he wants to be accepted.

SECRETS OF A ONE NIGHT STAND is a fantastic read. Once I started reading, I could not put it down. Ms. Simone writes amazing stories with great characters. The main characters are multifaceted but believable. Mycah and Achilles have trust issues a mile long, and they have dealt with heartbreak and disappointment, yet they grow to trust each other. Their backgrounds dictate that their relationship would never work; a rich girl and a guy from the wrong side of the tracks. But the author’s penchant for writing cements them together rather than tear them apart. When two people are in love, love will always triumph no matter the circumstances. Ms. Simone did it again! Her stories will keep you wanting more.

I highly recommend
SECRETS OF A ONE NIGHT STAND. This page-turner will keep you occupied for hours. Also, this uplifting romance is part of the Billionaires of Boston Series (Book #2). So I recommend you get in front of the series and read VOWS IN NAME ONLY (Book #1). You will be glad you did.

29th September 2021 |