Review: Ridge
RIDGE - A.C. Arthur
The Donovan Dynasty (Book #3)

Artistry Publishing
Brenda Larnell  |  Rating: A
REVIEW: Ooo-weee! The Donovans are back with a fierce romantic suspense centered around Ridgely ”Ridge” Donovan and his love interest, Talaya Richmond. Ridge, a UK native, is the CEO of Donovan Oilwell-UK. I’ll just say that Talaya has her reasons for moving to the UK to begin a new life as a social worker. They are two characters who have some deep-seated issues. Ridge is trying his best to hold it together with the help of frequent visits to The Corporation. You’ll have to read the story to discover what The Corporation is all about. Talaya is trying to hold it together with daily affirmations, medication and therapy. In spite of all of their problems, they are the perfect couple. Their chemistry is off-the-charts.

Brilliant storyteller, A.C.Arthur pulls no punches in giving us a jaw-dropping story that pulls you in from the very first line, “When I was twenty-one, I killed a man…” . Whoa, What? From there, the story just gets better and better. There’s a shift in the setting when Ridge takes Talaya to the family enclave, Sansonique (Jamaica) where unbeknownst to him some members of the family are spending the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s a special treat to catch up with all the Donovans who have starred in their own stories. The family embraces Talaya.

From the first time Talaya shows up unexpectedly at Ridge’s house, you know they are going to be a hot couple! That’s only one aspect of this multi-layered story. If you are familiar with the Donovans, you know they can be a a little dysfunctional. However, when someone threatens them or someone they love, they close ranks and use every resource at their disposal to protect whoever is in trouble. Trust me, fans, Talaya was in trouble. Her issues, resulting in PTSD, stem from her family that fell apart when she was a teenager. Just wait until you discover what happened to her prominent family, and how Talaya had to climb from the depths of despair to reclaim her life. She is, indeed, a strong heroine, and the perfect match for Ridge who needs a Talaya in his life.

The complex storyline supports an intriguing mix of loyal bodyguards, corporate mayhem, murder, sex, romance, and healing, and it all makes for an unforgettable read. I highly recommend it! Even if you have not read any Donovan stories,
DANE, Book #1, ROARK, Book #2, or any of the other 15 Donovan books, (Can that be possible?) you will enjoy this stand-alone story. Oh, there’s one more thing. I know we will be revisiting The Corporation again, soon. In the meantime, pick up a copy of  RIDGE. It’s a winner!

5th December 2022 |