Review: Rescued By The Colton Cowboy
Harlequin Romantic Suspense
August 2021
Romantic Suspense
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: There’s nothing like a page-turning Romantic Suspense story that keeps you up past your bedtime. RESCUED BY THE COLTON COWBOY is that kind of story! Prolific writer, Deborah Fletcher Mello, utilizes her writing talents to contribute to an eleven-book series, The Coltons of Grave Gulch. The Coltons, who live in or near Grave Gulch, Michigan, is a close-knit family. This story highlights Palmer Colton, an adoptee into the family and owner of a thriving ranch on the outskirts of the town. The heroine is Soledad de la Vega, owner of a popular bakery in downtown Grave Gulch. This laid-back setting quickly turns into a nightmare for Soledad whose life takes a left turn and lands her on Palmer’s ranch.

From the first chapter, the pace of the storyline speeds up and we find Soledad speeding down a country road with her best friend, Annie and Annie’s baby daughter, Lyra. No details, no spoilers, but it is literally a matter of life and death that the trio get-away from Annie’s abusive husband, Gavin. It’s touch and go for awhile, but Soledad and Lyra end up on Palmer’s ranch sans Annie. I’ll allow you to discover what happened between Annie’s house and the ranch. Once Soledad, with baby Lyra in tow, is rescued by Palmer, the drama and suspense advances to another level. Protection for Soledad and the baby is definitely in order, and Palmer definitely steps up to the plate. He and his wonder-dog, Jack, don’t miss a step in protecting Soledad from eminent danger.

This story has all the elements of a good suspense. There is empathy and concern for Soledad and her situation, impending danger from a no-good villain, and escalating tension as Soledad hides out at Palmer’s ranch. The romance is good too! There is a slow but steady build up of heat between Palmer and Soledad until it can’t be denied. I like their chemistry.

The side characters do their part as they support the major characters and add intrigue to the development of the storyline. Some of them are members of Palmer’s family who headline their own books in this series. The Boo-Hiss Award goes to  “no redeeming qualities at all”  Gavin. You’ll get that when you read the story. The HEA provides that much needed exhale moment.

RESCUED BY THE COLTON COWBOY is an engaging and tension-filled story that is infused with romance. Although it is part of a series, I read it as a stand-alone with no problem. I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

11th August 2021 |