Review: Redemption on Rivers Ranch
Harlequin Special Edition
June 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: A big round of applause goes to talented author Kathy Douglass for this story that reunites us with Carson Rivers, the owner of Rivers Ranch, located just outside of Sweet Briar, North Carolina. In a previous book, THE RANCHER’S RETURN, Carson had been kicked to the proverbial curb by his fiancé for another man. Add to that, the devastating news that Carson discovers about his father. However, all is not lost! Carson is given another chance at happiness.

Enter Gabriella Tucker and her two children. Gabriella and Carson’s friendship goes back to their childhood days when Gabriella visited her Aunt and Uncle on their small ranch located near the Rivers’ ranch. Carson and Gabriella developed a strong friendship during those summers Gabriella visited. Eventually, the visits stopped, but they never forgot the strong ties that they forged. In this story, a divorced Gabriella has returned to her Aunt’s ranch and Sweet Briar with her two children in tow. She is not only seeking refuge from a disappointing marriage, but a new environment for her children who are also innocent victims of divorced parents. Without divulging too much tea, I’ll allow you to discover what happened to Carson to make him the guy who lost his girl, and a ‘lone rancher’ figure, and what happened to Gabriella’s marriage that has caused her to flee to the place where she has nothing but pleasant memories. It is inevitable that Gabriella and Carson hook up again, and they have her children, in part, to thank for that. It’s a great story of second chance love, and redemption.

One of the best features of the story is the secondary cast of characters who appear in the story. If you are a follower of the
Sweet Briar Sweethearts Series, then you will recognize the characters from previous books who are now living their best lives in Sweet Briar. Some of them directly contribute to the development of the main characters. Carson and Gabriella’s HEA is sweet!

REDEMPTION ON RIVERS RANCH is an engaging and entertaining story. I recommend it for your reading pleasure. I also recommend reading THE RANCHER’S RETURN first. The continuity is priceless. Enjoy!

27th May 2021 |