Review: Redeemed By His New York Cinderella
Harlequin Presents
October 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: B+
REVIEW: Jadesola James debuts as a Harlequin Presents author with this engaging story that features Laurence J. Stone, co-owner of a successful advertising firm and Katherine “Kitty” Asara, director of her own non-profit foundation, One Step Ahead, that benefits foster children. Laurence and Kitty have history that goes back to their youth. Although they grew up under very different circumstances, they have one thing in common that shaped their adult lives.

Laurence and Kitty meet again as adults when they are both seeking sponsors/clients for their businesses. When Laurence sets out to woo a wealthy client at a swank event venue that he and his partner planned, Kitty shows up at the same event to woo a prospective donor for her foundation. She has it all planned, until she sees Laurence. I’m not sure if Kitty really fits the “Cinderella” image. Poor and struggling under stressful circumstances, yes, but that’s where the similarity ends. Plus, Laurence is no Prince Charming. He is head-strong and bossy. Ms. James cleverly presents a scenario of two people, Laurence and Kitty, negatively affected by two adults, Laurence’s self-centered parents, and a foster care system that fails those it fosters. No spoilers. You will understand when you read the story. Both Laurence and Kitty are fiercely independent, sometimes to a fault. As the story progresses, and the author reveals more about their backstories, it appears that Laurence and Kitty redeem each other from the weight of their past.

There is a bit of a fake relationship trope that the author weaves into the storyline, but it happily dissolves into a real one. I love the ending of the story because Kitty and Laurence finally get on the same page, and it all comes down to a house. You’ll get that when you read the story.

While I enjoyed reading
REDEEMED BY HIS NEW YORK CINDERELLA, the title did not quite mesh with the storyline. However, I recommend it for your reading pleasure, and then you can draw your own conclusion.

7th October 2021 |