Review: Pursuit of the Truth
Harlequin Intrigue
February 2021
Romantic Suspense
REVIEWER: Wayne Jordan  RATING:  A
REVIEW: Ms. Richards makes her Harlequin Intrigue debut with a perfect blend of romance and suspense. She pens a story that is not only a page-turner but satisfies the reader who loves a great emotional read. PURSUIT OF THE TRUTH, West Investigations Book #1, puts two individuals, Nadia Shelton and Ryan West, who seems so different together, but despite the current situation they are experiencing, find themselves growing to care for each other.

Nadia is forced to take over the family business when first, her father dies and then her brother is killed in a car accident. She is determined to make the chain of hotels a success and is glad the Ryan’s company is responsible for its security. When an attempt is made on Nadia’s life, Ryan realizes that he not only has to protect the company, but Nadia. Of course, his attraction to Nadia complicates matters and he tries very hard to fight his feelings for her. Nadia is a strong, confident woman who knows her stuff despite the self-doubt that niggers at her. She is confused by her attraction to Ryan but tries to focus on the unusual things happening to her and the growing suspicion that her brother is not dead.

At the end of the book, the mystery of solved and truth revealed, but the journey there was not a simple one. Ms. Richard’s forte lies in her ability to create well-developed characters. Both Nadia and Ryan are likable, but not perfect. The secondary characters are not caricatures and are significant to the story.  Nadia’s ex is particularly odious. The other West men are well-developed, and I am sure that readers are already waiting for their stories.

PURSUIT OF THE TRUTH is a welcomed addition to Harlequin Intrigue romance suspense line. Let us hope this book is a start of more diverse voices in this genre. If Ms. Richards’ debut is an example of the quality of her writing, I am definitely looking forward to her next effort in the West Investigations Series.

1st February 2021 |