Review: Panther

PANTHER - Iris Bolling

The Next Generation (Book #1)

Siri Austin Entertainment


Reviewer: Brenda Larnell |  Rating: A


REVIEW: It’s finally here! The next generation in the ever-expanding Iris Bolling Universe has arrived and believe me her fans are ready for it! Panther, James Avery Brooks, Jr, the son of the Chief of Staff of the United States, is more than ready to make his mark in the world as a future leader. He’s not alone by any means. Elliott Thompson (son of Brian Thompson who heads the personal protection detail for the President of the United States), Calvin Johnson, Jr. (son of Calvin Johnson, Sr., the Attorney General of the United States) and JC Harrison (son of the President of the United States) are the fearsome foursome who have been “friends for life” since they were in elementary school.

Now that you know the main players, let’s get back to James Jr, aka Panther. In his journey to manhood, defender of justice, and a rising star, James meets the love of his life, Princess Zsa Zsa Adannaya Ashro of Emure, a country in Africa. She is Phire’s college roommate. Need I say more. Zsa Zsa and James are instantly attracted to each other, but they each have goals to accomplish before making a final commitment. Zsa Zsa’s goals include going back to her homeland and helping to improve the life of the citizens, especially the women who are considered property. James is committed to helping African Americans better their life by acquiring and maintaining home ownership in order to generate generational wealth for their families. Lofty goals indeed for two young people who are independently wealthy but have a heart for the people.

Things get very dicey for both James and Zsa Zsa. There are forces at work that do not appreciate their efforts. Zsa Zsa’s fight is with certain family members, and James is up against unscrupulous land grabbers. These attacks call for James to utilize his training by the best, Joshua & crew, and his loyal brothers to battle against foes at home and those abroad. It’s the fight on African soil for me! That scene when Zsa Zsa’s brother is raising his hand to hit her is lit! Talk about the Panther striking! You’ve got to read it for yourself.

Side characters abound in this story. The cousins, the royals, the Lassiters & company all add to the development of the lead characters, and the intrigue of the storyline. I hope you are familiar with the Iris Bolling Universe because this book is not a stand-alone by any means. It’s all about LAW - Legacy and Wealth. You’ll get that when you read the story. Zsa Zsa and James Jr.’s HFN is everything. But wait…. Elliott’s phone call from his dad is disturbing and gives us a great cliffhanger. What’s in store for the Jaguar? Stay tuned.

I highly recommend
PANTHER for your reading pleasure. This next generation is educated, trained, wealthy, and ready! If you are unfamiliar with the I.B. Universe, then you are missing out on some great stories.

27th June 2024 |