Review: Only For Tonight
ONLY FOR TONIGHT - Kimmie Ferrell
KF Books

Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: For all of the erotica-romance reader fans, do I have a book for you! ONLY FOR TONIGHT is thee book that will fulfill all of your wishes for a compelling story that leaves no-holds-barred for an erotic adventure between two very consenting adults. Xander McNair, professional football player, and Amara Chandler, talented dress designer, are the couple who talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk. The fact that Amara is older than Xander (older woman-younger man trope) takes a back seat to the sexy shenanigans that they explore and execute. I love this couple!

When the story opens, Amara and her girls are in Las Vegas doing what girl trippers do in Vegas. However, there’s trouble brewing between Amara and her boyfriend, Marquis. It’s so bad that Marquis becomes her ex-boyfriend, and Amara sets out to be “the best bad girl she can be.” And who better to help her fulfill that role is none other than Xander. He’s ready-been ready for Amara to declare herself a single woman with no attachments. Let me tell you, fans, it’s on and popping after that! Get ready, Get Ready for the real talk and all action escapades of Amara and Xander. I’m not going to spill the tea, so you can get the full effect of just how Amara becomes Xander’s one and only as she helps him celebrate his birthday. Xander is a boss on the football field and off. There is nothing he wouldn’t do to make Amara his. Just ask Marquis! I’ll leave that right here. With chapters titled “Wicked Games” and “Dangerous Woman”, you get to know that this couple is Serious (with a capital S). It’s a chance meeting that doesn’t leave anything to chance. There is one line in the story that resonated with me and perfectly summed up Amara’s attraction to Xander: “Xander complemented my fly, equaled my confidence, and fitted my freak.” In my book, it wins the Best Line In A Story award!

Amara’s friends are at the ready to advise their friend while pulling no punches about how they see Amara and Xander’s situation. The witty and quick dialogue that the talented Ms Ferrell executes flawlessly is an asset to this entertaining story. The Epilogue is emotional, fulfilling, and promises a wonderful HFN for Xander and Amara.

gets my vote as the Best Erotica Romance Novella of the year. I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

22nd December 2022 |