Review:  One Steamy Night
ONE STEAMY NIGHT - Brenda Jackson

Westmoreland Legacy (Book #6)

Harlequin Desire


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: First, I need to begin this review with a review of a couple of books that I suggest you read before you read ONE STEAMY NIGHT. The first book is WESTMORELAND’S WAY. This is the story that introduces us to the heroine, Nadia Novak, and her family. The second book that I suggest you read is THE OUTLAW’S CLAIM. We meet, Jaxson Ravnel, the hero, who plays a key role in that story. While it’s not necessary that you read those stories, however, they will give you some valuable insight into both characters.

ONE STEAMY NIGHT, Nadia Novak is all grown-up and living in her hometown of Gamble, Wyoming managing the acting academy that her sister, Pam Novak Westmoreland owns. I like this story because it starts off with the Westmorelands, the Outlaws, and in-laws, gathered in Westmoreland Country for a poker tournament. This is where we learn of Jaxson’s intentions towards Nadia, and his announcement is received with a lot of comments from the men present—some of them not very encouraging at all. However, Jaxson remains determined in his pursuit of Nadia. He even has a timeline. So, what does Nadia think about this? I’m going to let you discover what Miss Novak thinks about Jaxson Ravnel. One thing I can say is that Jaxson is very strategic and patient. He appears in Gamble at just the right time to put his plan to work to woo the obstinate Nadia. That “one steamy night” will set things into motion and will prove to be the catylist that Jaxson needs to go all out in his pursuit of Nadia.

The side characters, like Nadia’s sisters, Pam (
WESTMORELAND’S WAY), Jillian (THE SECRET AFFAIR), Paige (WHAT HAPPENS ON VACATION), and her bestie Rissa, are present to offer advice to Nadia whether she wants it or not. One of the features of this story I absolutely love is getting updates on the family. Some of the updates are epic! They include Dominic Saxon’s (IRRESISTIBLE FORCES) best friend Matt Caulder and the Westmoreland triplets, Clint, Casey and Cole. There is also an announcement from James Westmoreland, Quade’s father. No spoilers! You’ll have to read the story to discover what all that means. Nadia and Jaxson’s HEA is a perfect ending to a wonderful love story.

ONE STEAMY NIGHT is an excellent segue way for the next story about the ever-expanding Westmoreland family. I hope you are a follower of the talented and prolific writer of Black love, Brenda Jackson. It’s never too late to start or to catch up. I guarantee that you will not regret it. ONE STEAMY NIGHT sizzles and what is more, it offers a look at what is to come for the Westmorelands and the family legacy.

25th October 2023 |