Review: One More Drink
ONE MORE DRINK - Elle Wright
Elle Writes Books
December 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW:  ONE MORE DRINK is part of the New Year Bae-Solutions collaboration. Fans of Ms. Wright’s “Wellspring” series will be excited to visit the fictional town again and learn more about Julian “Juke” Bush, the owner of Brook’s Pub. For the past couple of years, Veronica “Ronnie” Wells has been able to build a bond with her siblings in Wellspring, but she’s dealing with everything she missed growing up and the lack of acknowledgement from her father, Parker Wells, Sr.

There’s nothing like a forehead kiss to let you know you’re firmly in the friend zone. That’s the situation Ronnie finds herself in as she celebrates her birthday while bringing in the New Year. She’s on a mission with something more hot and heavy in mind, and
has the sexy outfit to reel Juke in. He doesn’t get the hint, or so we think. Since they met, Juke and Ronnie have connected over their favorite music and spend plenty of time discussing everything from politics to sports. They are clearly attracted to each other and Ronnie is ready to throw herself at him…or at least a part of him. Juke knows he made the wrong move with the New Year’s Eve kiss, and an overheard conversation lets him know exactly what Ronnie wants. He has a “what the heck was I thinking” moment. He also has the right intentions of closing one door before he opens another one, but it goes left.

The way Ms. Wright talks about small town gossip is hilarious. It makes me think about the saying; a lie can travel across town before the truth gets out of bed. Juke gets a do over, which actually turns into a minor allergy situation that’s pretty funny. The story progresses from there. Juke more than makes up for his New Year’s Eve mishap. He is also very thoughtful and truly listens to what Ronnie wants and needs. There are so many cute “new relationship” moments that they experience.

The chapter titles are bar menu favorites from Brooks Pub. This is a creative way to set the tone. I enjoyed catching up with the Wells siblings and their families. Brooklyn is still as feisty as ever. Juke’s Granny molded him into the man he became. Her sayings are like another character in the story. One of my favorites is “a delay is not a denial”. She gave him invaluable advice, but had no filter. Some of the things she said were off the chain.
ONE MORE DRINK features ‘the friends to lovers theme’, and I highly recommend it

10th January 2021 |