Review: Night And Day
NIGHT AND DAY - Deleney Diamond
Garden Avenue Press
June 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: NIGHT AND DAY is a continuation of the Quicksand standalone books. It’s the first of three stories that focus on a group of friends. First up is Tamika Jones. She’s worked hard on her growing cosmetics business and is frankly pissed to find out her boyfriend, Calvin, has not only left her for another woman, he’s also drained her bank account.

Anton Bevins is a handsome, successful attorney who we met briefly in the book
LOVE ME. He’s a victim as well. He’s smitten the moment he encounters Tamika, despite her banging on his door wielding a baseball bat! He definitely sees something he likes and Tamika knows it because she sees it too. Anton reluctantly agrees to help Tamika confront their exes.

Whether it’s adrenaline, extreme attraction or a need to get revenge, things are explosive when Anton and Tamika get together. Tamika talks too much and her mouth gets her in trouble, but one particular time it turns out to be good trouble! She is outgoing and boisterous. Anton is calm and cool. They are totally different, but balance each other out. Tamika opens up to Anton quickly. They unfortunately have a tragic loss in their life in common, and connect at a deeper level. Anton also has a “savior” complex and that may be why he’s all in. When a conflict occurs are they strong enough to make it through, or is this truly a rebound?

The way Tamika and Anton get together may be a little far-fetched, but Ms. Diamond sets it up to make it believable. The reader almost expects and anticipates it. The supporting characters round out this great story. Anton’s mentor Axel gives invaluable advice that was given to him by his father. A particular scene with Tamika and her father is touching as well. Her friends are also there for her through everything and I look forward to reading about them in the next two books. I highly recommend

14th June 2021 |