Review: Never Cross A Highlander
Entangled: Amara

Cheryl McNeil (A)
REVIEW:  Aisla Connery is the daughter of a free African woman and a Scottish man that she has never met. She is a member of the Connery clan in the highlands, and practices healing, like her mother. During a trip to the castle of King James VI three years ago, she was mistakenly captured, and is now Princess Elizabeth’s servant. She plots her escape during the summer festival, in which various clans travel to the kingdom for tournament battle. Kallum MacNeill is a warrior with rich brown skin and dreadlocks. He’s convinced he doesn’t need a marriage partner and is content with getting his needs met with women on the outskirts of the land, as necessary. His cousin, Inan, who is more like a brother, is next in line for clan leader.

As the MacNeill Clan enters the King’s courtyard, Aisla is taken by Kallum’s commanding presence right away. She quietly roots for him from the Princess’s balcony during the final battle match. This scene is written with intensity as Kallum and a giant battle to death and Aisla unexpectedly comes to Kallum’s aid. Aisla realizes that he is her savior and captor rolled up into one. Kallum, in his role as The Shepherd, goes on missions to free the enslaved and lead them to safety. He assumes that Aisla should be included in his count. Aisla, who is stubborn, is determined to get back to her clansmen. These two are quite the pair. Kallum is used to people “obeying him without question” and Aisla is strong willed and has her own plan.

Despite the friction, Kallum has an instant attraction to Aisla.
It goes deeper than lust and he finds her hazel eyes alluring. They go back and forth between liking and disliking each other, but whatever is burning between them lingers on the surface as they focus on getting to safety. A passion within Aisla has been awakened by Kallum’s deep, gruff voice. Kallum feels that she belongs to him. They have strong chemistry and there are a lot of steamy scenes. As we read on, we find out that things aren’t as they seem within Aisla’s clan.

NEVER CROSS A HIGHLANDER by Lisa Rayne touches on the history of the highlands, the inner workings of clan communities and how free African people may have made their way to these communities. I had to get used to the period language but there is a lot of rich dialogue. There are also a few funny moments scattered throughout. I enjoyed getting to know the characters in NEVER CROSS A HIGHLANDER and highly recommend it.

8th January 2023 |