Review: My Elusive Amish Sweetheart


A Cedar Creek Amish (Prequel)

Independently Published


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: USA Bestselling author, Parker J. Cole has come through with her latest read set in the Cedar Creek Amish community of the Covenant Brethren settlement in Brown County, Michigan. I didn’t know what to expect, but as usual Ms. Cole delivers on an enthralling story. Leading lady, Tiana Morgan, photographer, and the leading man, Noah Giovanni meet again at Cedar Creek. I say again, because these two characters have history.

Tiana is a photographer who has an assignment to infiltrate this community. In order to find out why, you must read the story. However, I will say, the last person she expected to encounter is Noah. They have known each other from childhood with Tiana and Hope, Noah’s sister, growing up to be best friends.  When they meet, Tiana senses that something is off. Noah’s demeanor is not very welcoming. What could have happened? Sorry fans, no tea will be spilled here. It’s a tragic situation that will have you totally immersed in this story.

The minor characters, the members of the community, are unaware of Noah and Tiana’s past. They are committed to steering Noah in the right direction, and to try to accept Tiana during her “trial period” with the community. It’s a dicey situation. On the other hand, Tiana’s boss is depending on her to get a firm toehold into the community. Since this book is the prequel to this series, it ends with a cliffhanger. You’re welcome.

I enjoyed
MY ELUSIVE AMISH SWEETHEART and I look forward to reading the next book, HIS SECRETIVE MENNONITE BRIDE in October. I just know that Ms. Cole is going to entertain her readers with more twists and turns that will have you turning the pages. I recommend this book for your reading pleasure.

7th July 2024 |