Review: Mocha Lisses
MOCHA KISSES - Sharon Blount
Coffee Brat Publishing
August 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: Welcome back to Java City where all things coffee are on the menu! Author Sharon Blount has released her third book, MOCHA KISSES, and we are reintroduced to Sheryl Collier, the heroine, and introduced to newcomer, Lucas Lattimore, the hero.

As the story opened, Lucas and his precocious little cousin, Ashley, have just landed in Java City from Chicago to make it their home. There’s a weighty reason for this that you will discover when you read the story. Lucas is Java City’s newest pediatrician. The first stop he and Ashley make is The Coffee Brat Brewery, where they meet the owner, Vera, who offers them a slice of her infamous coffee pie. Big mistake! Ashley passes, but Lucas politely eats it, and pays for it later. No details; you have to read it for yourself.

MOCHA KISSES is laced with humor, along with some serious moments. The story is also about family dynamics. The Lattimore, Collier, and the Greenlace families play significant roles in the outcome of this entertaining read. The featured couple, Sheryl and Lucas, take center stage as they work out the  “complications” that can hinder them from finding their happy ever after. Not only are there some laugh-out-loud moments, but there are also some serious jaw-dropping moments as well. For example, Lucas discovers some devastating news involving his father and uncle that also affects the Colliers and Greenlaces. No spoilers, but it leads to a lot of healing and forgiveness between the families. It also adds a lot of punch to the storyline.  Not only that, but I like the way the author effectively handles the topic of alopecia in the story.  It is not randomly thrown in, seeing that Sheryl is a part owner and operator, with her best friend, Avery, of a hair salon, Mocha Sips and Clips. It’s a positive addition to the storyline.

The side characters, composed of family and friends, all contribute to the development of the main characters. They come through with some of the most hilarious scenes, as well as sober ones. I love the HEA! Sheryl and Lucas share mocha kisses and a bright future together.

MOCHA KISSES is an entertaining story, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure. I also recommend EXPRESSO SERVED WITH LOVE and WHERE THE HEART IS, more stories from Java City by the author.

2st September 2021 |