Review: Maestro
The Enigma Series (Book #2)

She Loves Words Publishing
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: The Maestro is here! Eli Lewis’ (aka Maestro) claim to fame is as a protector and low-profile killer who conducts his business with precision, while taking no prisoners. He is the son of Elijah “Smoke” Lewis and brother to Sarai “Slick” Lewis, both of whom he will kill a brick for. Maestro is one of the most unlikely “heroes” you will ever read about, but hero he is. Gangsta to the bone, and a woman’s dream. Speaking of women, Maestro has no attachments until he meets, Mena Ferrell, the daughter of OG, Shine Ferrell and friend to Smoke. Mena is the owner of a hair salon. More about Mena and Maestro later.

The story picks up where
SMOKE, Elijah’s story, ended. Smoke is on a tear to find the killer of his best friend, Jimmy Engram. Smoke is supposed to be slowly removing himself from the game, partially due to his lady love, Aaliyah. However, Smoke is taking the death of his friend personally, and Maestro is determined to protect his Pops by any means necessary as they are determined to hit the streets of Pittsburgh to find the killer of Mr. Jimmy, along with who is selling bad ecstasy that is killing people. I love the street names of the men who are contacts and suspects that we meet as Maestro’s investigation gets closer to the killer: - names like Cheese, Lucky, Shine, Pooter, and Meek. The names lend authenticity to the storyline. While tracking down the killer, Eli meets Mena. Although they start off as just friends-with-benefits, their relationship develops into so much more. I like Mena’s character who is independent and all about handling her business. Maestro begins to understand just how his father feels about Aaliyah, as his and Mena’s relationship develops. He cannot stay away.

Although this is a story about that Gangsta life, women play an intricate and noteworthy part behind the scenes. There is one woman in particular, who will remain anonymous, who set the mayhem in motion. You’ll discover who she is when you read this compelling story. It’s a “WOW!” moment.

The Epilogue is epic! There’s a wedding that has Maestro thinking about his future with Mena. I’ll leave that right there as we await the next story in the series,
SLICK, Sarai Lewis, Eli’s sister and Smoke’s third daughter. (Remember, Smoke has two daughters by Zora from the Soulmates Series.)

Congratulations to Aja, for this second suspense-filled saga of the
Enigma Series. It’s a strong story that you will not want to put down. Maestro is indeed a “chip off the old block”, but with an edge that gives him much street cred. He is not a man to be played with. You don’t have to take my word for it. Pick up a copy of MAESTRO and read for yourself. You can thank me later. Oh, the playlist is awesome! Thank you, Aja, for making it available!

21st December 2022 |