Review: Love's Sweet Surrender
SL Books
June 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: I love these Sassy Seasoned Sisters! In this story we get a chance to know another sister, Maxine Richardson, a pediatric occupational therapist. As the name of the series implies, Maxine is a mature sassy lady in her early fifties. She and her fellow gal pals, Nzinga Carlyle-Walker (LOVE’S SWEET KISS, Book 1), Donna Harper, and Valinda Anderson have known each other since the sixth grade, and they always make an effort to get together and have “girl-time”. When Maxine, a divorcée, first meets Christian Davis it’s not on congenial terms. I’ll allow you to discover how they meet.

Unfortunately, the second time Max and Chris meet, the vibes are still not good. Unknowingly, Max is assigned to a young client who happens to be Chris’ niece. There is something about the second meeting that has Chris reacting to Max’s presence in a totally different manner. I enjoyed this scene that clearly had Chris floored! He couldn’t understand his almost 50-year-old body reacting to a woman the way it was reacting to Max as she worked with his niece during a therapy session. How does Max feel ? She admits to her “sassy sisters “ that the California Highway Patrol officer is tall and fine, but he is also rude. When you read their back stories that the talented Ms Lister flawlessly inserts into the storyline, you will understand why both Chris and Max cautiously enter into a relationship. One of the best scenes in the book occurs when Max and her son, Dion reconcile after a six-year estrangement. Very touching and revealing. You’ll get that when you read the story.

If you know anything about Ms Lister’s style, you know that she loves music, and consistently inserts it into her stories. Kudos goes to the author who introduced me to a new artist in this story. I’ll be sure to download some of the music of Jackiem Joyner. The side characters did an excellent job of contributing to the intrigue of the story and the development of the main characters. The Seasoned Sassy Sisters were on their job, along with Chris’ sister and his male buddies. Rolando, Max’s ex, is the one character with no redeeming qualities. He gets the Boo-Hiss Award! The HEA is wonderful and wild!

is an engaging and entertaining story. I recommend it for your summer reading pleasure. Those Seasoned Sassy Sisters are something else! I’m looking forward to reading the next story.

16th June 2021 |