Review: Love on the Brain
LOVE ON THE BRAIN - Delaney Diamond
Gardern Avenue Press

Cheryl McNeil (B+)
REVIEW: IN LOVE ON THE BRAIN, a short story collection, Ms. Diamond gives readers new stories as well as novellas on characters that have become favorites. A Taxicab Connection (B+) is a great introduction. I’m intrigued and hope Ms. Diamond completes this story in the future.

Fans remember Dahlia Sommers and Prince Kofi Karunzika from the book
 PRINCESS OF ZAMBIA. I enjoyed learning about how the couple met in Prince Kofi (B+). Prince Kofi has such a commanding presence and that’s part of what draws Dahlia to him. Their attraction is electrifying. The Prince is used to getting what he wants so it’s not a big deal to send someone on a plane ride for a special meal. I enjoyed this origin story. I only wish we would have learned more about Dahlia and Prince Kofi during certain time periods.

Thirty Minutes (A) is about José and Yolanda Benitez, a couple who is stuck in an elevator on their way to finalize their divorce. A lot can happen in that period of time. Ms. Diamond highlights how relationships are impacted when someone doesn’t deal with their family issues. She also highlights that the love two people share can get lost when there is a lack of communication. 

The highlight of the selections is 
Happily Ever After in Hopevale (A). I really enjoyed ALMOST PERFECT of the Cordoba Agency series and this story picks up where ALMOST PERFECT leaves off. Hunter and Sable are getting settled in their new home. Sable is working on getting her Antique shop open and Hunter continues to work for the Cordoba agency. The couple finds themselves working on an issue together and still both get riled up from the adrenaline, which increases their need for each other. Despite everything going well, Sable still has doubts about their future. Danger finds them again, however, the Cordoba agency is always ready to jump into action. This short story is packed with drama and romance and I enjoyed it. 

I enjoyed reading about characters I was familiar with. Overall, I recommend this collection of stories.

14th December 2022 |