Review: Love Always, Tristan
Independently Published
August 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: LOVE ALWAYS, TRISTAN is the “Interlude” about Tristan and Creed’s story. This is a book I was not expecting, but at the same time I realized I needed it. Ms. Green writes about a couple that appears to not have much in common on the surface, but can relate to each other’s difficult upbringings. They vowed to always pull back each other’s layers. Creed referred to Tristan as his “rose among thorns”.

Tristan was college educated and loved math. She was also passionate about helping women get out of domestic violence situations and was on a mission to stop a certain type of crime. Creed is a math and science wiz and it’s his responsibility to manage the financial division of Crowne enterprises. Tristan and Creed see each other from a far a few times and by the time they meet, it is a wrap. Creed could barely get his words together and it is love at first sight. It takes a special type of woman to have that impact on a Crowne. Tristan and Creed see beauty in each other and shared a touching love story.

There is a lot of substance packed in this short story. The chapters are organized a certain way, which is different than I expected. I re-read the book in the order the events occurred and found it to be equally enjoyable. Ms. Green highlights important events
in this couples life over time, and the chapter titles are in line with the rose theme. Certain questions are answered and the reader gets to know more about Tristan’s background. I found myself wanting more, but the story is complete. I am still sad about what happened to Tristan and also happy that Tristan and Creed shared this type of love. I highly recommend LOVE ALWAYS, TRISTAN, before continuing on with The Crowne Legacy Series.

13th September 2021 |