Review: London Calling
The Friendship Chronicles (Book #3)
Harlequin Special Edition
Brenda Larnell  |  Rating: B+
REVIEW: I enjoyed reading this third book of the Friendship Chronicles Series that features Robin Johnson. Robin is looking for a forever love, but so far no one has been able to commit. Robin is quite successful as far as her career is concerned. She is large and in-charge of a global RFP, marketing and data team. However, her love life is on a ventilator. At the beginning of the story, The Prologue, Robin is breaking up with her Prince Charming. You’ll get that when you read the story. In Chapter 1, she’s on a flight and celebrating her move to London where she will live and work permanently.  London was calling and she answered that call.

When she needs a “you got this girl” lift, Robin is just a video call away from her Howard University besties, Rebecca,  Regan (
THE SHOE DIARIES, Book #1), and Jennifer (BLOOM WHERE YOU’RE PLANTED, Book #2). Robin also becomes fast friends with Olivia, her UK co-worker who just happens to have a single brother, Craig. See where I’m going here? After disappointing dates, Robin is starting to believe that she is destined to “die alone.” Maybe a little dramatic, but when you read about her failed dates, maybe not. Enter Craig! Things are going well with Robin and Craig until their relationship hits a predictable dark moment. I’ll allow you to discover what happened with Robin and Craig to send their budding relationship to an abrupt halt.

is a light, fast paced, contemporary read. I enjoyed the descriptive bits and pieces of the popular London tourist attractions, as well as London’s nightlife.  I read this story without having read the first two books of the series. So, it does well as a stand-alone.

I recommend
LONDON CALLING for your reading pleasure.

1st October 2022 |