Review: Lilith

LILITH - Alenandria House

Three Kings (Book #1)

Pink Cashmere Publishing


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: Get ready readers for a new series from the undeniably talented Alexandria House! Meet Lilith King, entrepreneur and owner of Bon Vie Boutique that caters to full-size women. Lilith has two sisters, Umber and Memphis, who are just as eclectic and unconventional as their names. To round out her family is Daddy King, aka Franklin “Fat Frankie” King, blues legend. I can’t leave out the “poly crew”, Daddy King’s wives. I’ll allow you to discover just who they are and their tie-in to the story.

Let’s get one thing straight. This is not a sweet, light-hearted romance story. Fans, it’s dark, ugly in some places, and deeply and romantically possessive in others. The man who mirrors all these vibes is the yin to Lilith’s yang, Horacio “Ray” Nation. Ray is darkly handsome and makes no excuses for who he is and what he does. You are in for a journey that involves murder, revenge, clandestine activity, and mayhem.
LILITH is also a “Who-dun-nit”. It all stems from a murder that the heroine witnessed in the alley by her apartment. From that moment on, you will be totally immersed in a story that will not let you go until you read the last page of the Epilogue. See if you can guess the character who is behind all the mayhem. I was totally wrong.

The minor characters, like Marlon, Lilith’s ex-lover, and his wife, Felice are intricately connected to the storyline. “Surprise, Surprise” characters, like Memphis, Lilith’s sister, will cause a drop-jaw reaction. Even, Lilith, herself will prove to be not your usual heroine. She wields a mean .22. You’ll get that when you read this enthralling story. She and Ray work out their unconventional first meet and go from a hostage-like situation to close proximity to family matters. Their romance is truly a tenuous journey that ends with a strong HEA.

LILITH is a story with deeply flawed multifaceted characters with past secrets that drive their actions. Ms. House does not shy away from exploring the dark side of human nature that adds to the complexity of the story. I highly recommend LILITH for your reading pleasure. It’s an unforgettable and haunting reading experience.

13th June 2024 |